Nyjah's 'Shine On' part

I have not watched it but I am starting a thread for the lolz. I hope our king delivers.


Pretty ridiculous but the music made it feel underwhelming, which is mad as the tricks are insane.
The fakie flip sw bs 5050 on the rail was pretty spicy.



Can’t wait to send it when I get in. It’s obviously going to be mental.

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Will watch it later but just look at that thumbnail. Mad.

Ty Evans is such a BAD skateboard filmer now. The whole camera on gimbal vibe makes everything look like complete shit and takes away massively from the skater/filmer connection. I absolutely hate it.

Fakie flip switch bs 5050 on a handrail is a very dope trick though.

Ps. He’s got another part dropping on Nov 30th


Lol at the Christian rock. Lol at the fake horn sounds during the traffic shots. Lol at Ty’s filming obscuring tricks worse than Strobeck’s angles.

Can’t front on the send. The end tech-gnar section was what I was hoping for. Many thanks Nyjah!

Pretty mad.

There were so many bangers in that, did it have that recent Thrasher switch fs blunt over that handrail that’s been rinsed in Baker / Deathwish videos? If not there’s another part coming.

Kinda have to respect the skating, literal kill yourself shit.

Awful filming it makes me feel a bit sick the fish eye stuff.

Shit tunes.

Fits, some acceptable but then he came in with the red and white leggings at the end.

I really hate that fakie Ollie switch 50. I used to do that as a kid and it blows. Just switch 50 it.

Amazing skating, awful human.

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The fakie 5050 on the rail was rad.

I quite like the drone shots of the lines.

Filming the ride up then cutting to a different angle was distracting once i noticed it.

Imagine being one of the most talented skaters on the planet but voluntarily dressing like a yoga mum or a roided up meathead


Wait the what? I can’t even imagine that. Will watch this later, quite partial to a bit of Nigel.

I liked the long lens line clips - like EA Skate IRL!

The feeble on the bridge over the motorway was suicidal.

He does a switch heel feeble that I though was sick.

Whole part is batshit crazy.

“So sick. I love how he dresses like the mannequin at foot locker” - YouTube comment made me lol


First shot where he’s just ‘cruising’ looks so awkward, like if you weren’t quite sure whether you’d shit yourself

Aside from that completely mad

Can’t say I’m a massive fan though. Like others have alluded to, I’m sure any other filmer would make the part feel a little more raw and genuine

And yeah music was terrible, like the end of a Hollywood movie. Which I suppose is what this is now


Mental skating… in all the editing and cuts in the middle, it just made some of that part wash over me on first viewing. Strong ending though. Ty needs to learn, less is more.

Marty Dibergi : The review you had on Shark Sandwich which was merely a two word review. Just said “Shit Sandwich.”
David St. Hubbins : Where did they print that?
Derek Smalls : That’s not real, is it?

No, jokes aside that was mental. Colour matching your neon green nike logo tee to your monster cap is a really bad look though.
It’s a shame the filming and the outfits overshadow the tricks at quite a few points.

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I’d like to see a nyjah part with no rails or stairs. Bet it’d be surprisingly decent. Or it’d go the other and turn out he really doesn’t have any imagination whatsoever

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Well the hammers at the end were incredible, and his lines are always good too. The less said about the outfits the better, and call me old-fashioned but I find this kind of skating very one-dimensional and it leaves me yearning for some transition or curbs or hill-bombs.


Will watch it again to properly take it in, but First impressions:

Not sure how professional sports videographer of Tys standing can think that wide angle footage looks good. It does not.
Music was S-tier bad. Ruined the part for me.
Front feeble over the overpass was insane.
Fakie 5050 stood out.
Backlip down the huge hubba was nice.
I was a big fan of the flip front nose - always think it’s an underrated trick and it looked sick on a handrail.
Ender was a proper ender and even gnarlier than the photo


Did I hate the music, his kits, the overall vibe? Yes.
Still stoked on Nyjah filming a full street part because he certainly doesn’t have to.

I had no idea Ty Evans’ work could get worse. Fuck knows what this guy is gonna do in 5 or 10 years.

Come on boys, it’s a fakie 5050 if he fakie ollies or fakie flips into it.

The fakie flip fakie backside nosegrind was pretty special too.

Fakie 5050s can be a Fat Kid Trick™ especially if you do a fucking fakie frontside bigspin out of them on a low ledge but they’re super dope and much harder than a switch 5050 down a rail or a hubba.


I hate everything about what he represents/his aesthetics but cannot fuck with the stats.
Mad Michael Fabricant’s doing some heavy shit.

My main take away was the lolz when I realised that he clearly has his girlfriend(s) laying in the floor in BGP whilst he’s doing massive rails.

Awful, embarrassing shit but still, pretty gangster in an awful embarrassingly out of step with reality way.

TLDR: will never watch again but he does hard tricks in Yoga mom trousers.


Wtf is going on that This Mortal Coil cover?

He should’ve used Gabba