Old school UK skate pics and footage

Mick Forster, early grabbing over the legs of Paul Robertson and “Chopper” Harris. Harrow performance bowl 1980. @skate.flyer on Insta.


Hugh Gurney, secret backyard ramp in west London 2017. @skate.flyer

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Always loved this pic of Bristol luminary Dave ‘Spex’ Haggerty. No idea who shot the pic or when sorry!


Rodga Harvey, frontside air, Harrow pool, 1981. @skate.flyer on Insta


Steve Douglas pivoting the halfpipe on old home soil. 1989-90. @skate.flyer


At this point I think we know your Instagram. It’s on every post.


Almost exactly the same as Tim’s famous angle.


Not my photos and not old school but an old skater - Sean Goff.
Amazing he’s still at this standard at 57


That backside air was a bail :wink:


Nose bone and Rip Grip. Not much chance of missing the grab then.

Classic photo though.

Ever consider that there may be people who look at this thread for the first time and haven’t seen the previous posts and may want to see more? I’d suggest looking away if you don’t like as there are plenty more to come :roll_eyes:


Same session/day surely?

A photo session at Steve’s and our home park for the launch of the model

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I enjoy Spike’s pics on here - some real professional-quality shots. I have Instagram but hardly ever look at it.

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Not all my pics, they are split between mine, Steve Lilly’s, as he gave me his negatives to scan years ago and there are a few other classic photos that are favourites of mine. Glad you enjoy them though it seems some people don’t :wink:


I dont think its the pics, its the @ ing after each one. :wink::wink:

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I like it, it’s like a signature. Can you do those on here?

free max b


Any rules against showing the source of where the pictures are from?

Nah, there are no rules. Im just talking abouts neds point. You could alway use skate flyer as your user name as the @ doesnt link to the intergram account. Or you could share a link to the post on your account, that way we would all see the photo and some people might click on that and see all your other pics as well.

As for signatures, i cant handle Slap for that very reason.


@KeithBeef I do have a link in my bio but the fact that you hadn’t noticed and I guess no one else has either shows it would be pretty pointless though right :wink:. I did originally put links on the posts but the software questions whether I want to add it again so I stopped that as I presumed it was a no no. Ideally you’d be able to add the picture as a transparent link which would be perfect but the software doesn’t allow that, I’m guessing there are legitimate reasons for that too.