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Slap bullshit, skate news bollocks inspired thread Skate news thread, because we all skate and don’t do gardening and have kids etc.

For some reason I still find this shit interesting - Chris Cole of Plan B
Cyril Jackson of Baker

Prime Cole, rate Cyril Jackson’s Bake and Destroy part.

I hope Cole doesn’t start his own thing

Going back to Zero surely now he’s back on Fallen.

Cyril Jackson is such a stinker. So glad he’s off Baker.

I don’t understand why Baker let go of Cyril right before they drop a video. Unless he hasn’t produced any footage? I’d have thought he’d be more productive than a lot of the older dudes but maybe I’m wrong.







Should of been

no. Of.

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Gino of Chocolate, c.2008, Slap Boards.


Cole mining?

Ah. Was about to complain but that’s okay then. Thank you.

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Theory: Board sponsorship is becoming an outdated concept and you will see more and more of this coming to pass via pros leaving companies and going nowhere and companies letting low performing team members go.

It’s irrelevant to Pro’s with other big sponsorships what money they make from boards, so they don’t always need to be “on” a brand. So they can leave and go nowhere if desired…

And on the other hand, board companies are operating on such thin margins and being challenged by the likes of Revive and all that shit, they can’t afford to have people on the team that aren’t selling boards or producing.

yeah but they’re not going to start paying for boards are they.

Depends on how many bridges they might have burned I guess.

Always weird to me how Chris Cole went from that long hair/bandana combo to having his mum cut his hair on the living room floor in the half term holidays again.

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I was going to say that I hope that they would choose to rep a board company/shop board, they had something to do with or like. But then I realised how easy it would be for some energy drink company to slap a logo on a board from China and stipulate in contract that this is all they can use for the next 5 seasons of street league.

He was fresh before hesh.
That transition was quite abrupt.