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Except Janoski and Koston have put out way more footage than Gino who is the very definition of milking it. Yeah, he was good in the late 90s early 00s, but he’s not put anything out in ages. Going skating is not exactly difficult.

Gino does limited drops that sell out straight away. Koston’s and Janoski’s are on the shelves all day, every day shoes. I guess thats the main/small difference?

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You’re not really into shoes though.

Some of us are.

Funny this. Our old man skate crew have talked about this a bit.
If you rewound to 1999 and said that in 2020 you’d care WAY more about Chico than Gino, you’d be laughed out of town.

I feel like the past couple of years have been my favourite Chico era of them all. Pretty amazing, really. Not resting. Just being very fucking rad. I love it.

Gino put out some clip earlier this year which consisted of (maybe a) flatland trick and then a slappy five O on a kerb and I think over at Slap, there was a whole thread made on it. And that sucks because Chico never got his own here, and he should have for that last part. It was his best.


He actually put out more footage than that but people just want it spoon feed to their feed and not take 5 mins to look for it.

His last few shoes haven’t even had his name on them but the shops too.

Meh. Cab flip was sick but 40 seconds of doing the ramps at House Of Vans isn’t my idea of Gino footage. It’s just so considered

That’s just what I found straight away, to prove that there was more clips floating around at the time than the car park session.

Exactly. But if he can do a cab flip that looks like that on a steep skatepark bank, surely he can do it on a street bank??

If he can, it’s really just him not being bothered that’s preventing him from doing so

He can’t live up to his own standards these days, which is fair enough. Just stop filming

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That was my point, it’s like he’s pushing (no pun) the shop brand and not himself anymore with the shoes. By having it’s name on them these days and not his.

This is as close as it got to a comeback:

Both videos from 2013 (although the Pretty Sweet footage is earlier). What could have been.

The only thing I can remember he did for FA were the few park clips he had in this:

You’d be surprised, I was really close to going to Uni to do footwear design after college but college experience put me off furthering through education. I still appreciate good trainers but I stopped it becoming a thing early on and the fact that skating took over everything, I had barely any interest in designing things, only as much to pay for more shoes/boards to ruin.

But that’s not the point. Gino will not do anything for his pay, his name might sell a few trainers to oldies that remember his name but they are chucking money away, same with Marc Johnson really. He’s not that important to be remembered by kids today unless people show them the history. That’s maybe why he pops up from time to time, to secure the reminder that he’s still Gino and he has a legacy worth remembering.

Absolutely nothing like MJ. Those Bruins were everywhere when they came out.

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Like MJ in that the brand is paying them for their name, not the footage.

Saying that, MJ did that silly ad a while back, so you’re right, bad comparison.

Plus Gino is one of the Nike’s OG’s, he didn’t jump ship for the money later in life.

My point was that people loved his shoe.

Voodoo’s point super valid too.

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I suppose he did remain relevant for longer than the original crew, it’s hard to picture Reese Forbes, Danny Supa or Richard Mulder still being on now. The most recent thing I enjoyed of Gino was him bombing around Copenhagen. The problem is for me is that the actual skating is far, far outweighed by the chilling photo shots now. Oh well, it’ll be interesting to see if he actually does switch to adidas or do a collab with them.

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