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There’s no way that was made up by someone on here

Nicked from Bob Mortimer

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Yeah I’ve heard it elsewhere as well, but I remember there being a list of names for this one bloke with a larger bonce, and that’s the one I always remember.

Edit: Of course it’s Mortimer. Nice one, Spanky. Off down the YouTube rabbit-hole I go.

I used to work with a girl named Crystal Fister.

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Never gets old


I love both WILTY and Bob Mortimer

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National treasure, Bob


I think 50% of those views on that video are from me.
It never stops giving.


Rodrigo TX possibly on Primitive?

Source: good 'ol Slap forums, so take that as you wish.

Seems a good fit to me.

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wow, quite the loss for dgk i thought.
turns out he’s been on numbers for quite a bit.

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Worked in a BT call centre when I was about 18 or 19 and would have to take the names of people wanting reverse charged calls.
One lady announced her name and instantly spelled it out to me.

“That’s Mrs, ‘h o r e’”.

She obviously felt that she needed to make it clear that it was without a w.

Is Numbers fully done now or not?

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Hoare is a fairly popular name in Ireland. Needless to say that the one guy in my school with that name got an almerciful slagging everywhere he went for the first 3 years of secondary.


Seems that way. Rumours that Guy is going to be announced on FA / Hockey

They really fucked that one up

I guess Kyron will go to Isle?

You’d hope so, Atlantic drift crew etc

That’d make sense and I hope it does happen.

Kyron to Isle seems so predictable. Would love to see him somewhere else.

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