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I don’t think that’s an existing Lynx release. I’d have a coloured DC logo or something.

Ah fuck, I zoomed in and yup that’s not a stencil.
Prob a special one off then?

I bet he’s getting mega bucks.

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Jacob Harris has canned the Atlantic Drift board brand:

Leaves a lot of free agents. Fuck it, everyone back to Isle and pretend the whole thing never happened?

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Hope Jacob is ok - the caption is a bit concerning…

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I was wondering with all the talk of Casper Brooker riding Baker boards on Slap, but put it down to just…Slap.

Bit gutting.

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Long Covid according to his stories. Apparently it’s impacted his brain functioning. Really sad.



Long Covid is gnarly … The first year of it can be a vicious cycle of constant relapses to the illest you’ve ever been. It’s very hard to accept you can do fuck all for a couple of years.

My brain functions at about 35% now but it’s improving … slowly. My speech was noticeably slow and slurred for a while too. It’s a fucker for sure.


Yeah, chronic illnesses are a nightmare, to put it mildly. Especially ‘invisible’ ones.

Hope he comes through it and he can have another go at the brand in 12 months

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Sounds absolutely horrendous. Hope you get back to normal soon. A colleague at work has been affected by it, keen cyclist and whatnot, but he says now he can barely function by the afternoon, just gets so fatigued.