Hello folks,

A year ago I posted about our new skateboard brand Onda Skateboards here on the forum.
I got a lot of feedback, some negative but mostly positive, and I wanted to give a little update on what we’ve been up to over the past year.

Here’s a link to my original post.

So a lot as happened and I’m just going to list off the highlights of this interesting and thrilling journey that is starting a skateboard brand.

We introduced another 2 different decks across a load of sizes.

The mariachi theme came from my continued obsession with Mexican culture. My main business deals in Mexican artisanal products so having called the brand ‘Onda’, a Mexican slang term, we continued the theme here.

We also released the FAZE deck.
We named the deck after our buddy Faze who always wears yellow for some reason. He’s a super cool dude and you should definitely check out his Instagram @faze.sb
He was so gassed to be riding a deck named after him and considering he’s a bit of a local legend it’s no surprise that the FAZE proved to be more popular than the mariachi.

We released a complete.
It has the same FAZE deck with some gravity casted trucks and all the bits and bobs. It’s pretty good for beginners as the trucks are far better than the die cast trucks you see on most completes.

We made Onda Oranges, our own bearings set. Of course the industry standard for most people is Bones Reds but we thought what the hell and went for it anyway. As it turns out the bearings are pretty decent. We’ve worked to keep costs down but quality up so the product is sick, the packaging not so much…

We did a bunch of griptape based of our designs and people seem to really dig them as well.

We got a team together:

We really want to use our brand as a medium to show off our local talent so our team riders are all locals and we plan to keep it that way for the time being.

Our skatepark is Montrose in Colindale and while it is great, there are some issues we wanted to address. Mainly to do with lighting and drainage. We got all the Montrose skaters together to make a

Mega Edit and with that we harassed the council until they agreed to meet with us.

We held the meeting at the park and somehow we managed to convince them to fix the drainage issues. I’m still waiting for the final confirmation from the council but the funds have been allocated and this particular problem will be resolved this coming spring.


We spoke to some shops and they’re now stocking our decks.
You can buy Onda Skateboards at Slick Willies and Three Amigos Skateboard Shop.
We also signed a non exclusive agreement with HMV who are now stocking our decks in their pop-culture shops across the country.

And finally I broke my ankle, in the most unlucky way possible. Whilst recovering I figured it would be a good time to learn how to edit videos so I made a little video explaining what happened.

So there you have it. One year with Onda Skateboards. It’s been pretty epic with ups and downs, kickflips and heelflips, broken decks and fractured bones.

When we started this things we agreed the priority was to have fun and so far so good (excluding the broken ankle bit).

Let’s hope 2022 is as exciting as 2021 was!

Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone!

Peace :v:


Good luck.

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