ONDA SKATEBOARDS - Our new UK Skate Brand

Hey everyone,

First time posting here.
I just wanted to introduce my new skateboard company. We’re a UK skate company, skater owned and run. Our goal is get as many people to skateboarding as possible and to offer high quality skateboard decks, trucks and all other bits and bobs.

We’re not complete novices to the skate industry from a business perspective so we’re here to learn a thing or two and do our best to establish a small but successful brand.

We’ve had amazing support from the local London skate scene and I’d be delighted if you could check out our website: https://ondaskate.com/
You can also find us on Instagram @ondaskate.

Thanks so much for all your support. Let’s go and smash this!
Peace :v:
Onda Skateboards

did you come up with the name whilst playing Street Fighter II on da Snes?

late contender for SOTY

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I’m out.


It means a wave in Mexican slang

All feedback is positive feedback. Like I said I’m here to learn something :v:

Will def have a look. Thanks for the feedback!

No dont do that. What you need to do to make a mark is to get some trousers that get people talking. Trousers are getting bigger in skating again so maybe get ahead of the curve by going ultra tight again.

If the trouser ratio is correct, it wont matter what’s printed on the board or how good the skating is, the money will roll in!


That’s fair. We intended the mask to come off as satirical and a sign of the times but we’ll also be releasing a version without the mask. Hopefully by then all this COVID will be a thing of the past.

I started this little venture in response to a slowdown in my other business activities as a result of COVID so it felt fitting to include the mask.

Now that’s something I hadn’t thought about. Will have a look and see what we can produce. I already manufacture clothing in Mexico and with hopes of a trade deal between UK and Mexico pending this could very well become the next step for us

A new ‘company’ coming out with their name in big writing on hats and shirts/sweaters happens every day. Promising that boards will come soon, and that they’re going to do things differently.

You don’t even have a team. You’re another website selling shirts and hats with a word on them.

I get that you want as many people skateboarding as possible because that means more sales for you once you start screening that word on blanks, but how are you going to do this?

There are already too many board companies, so why are you going to be different?

Who will be doing your trucks? I don’t think the UK has had a truck company for a very long time, so at least that’s interesting.

What’s your favourite part of the year, and favourite full-length? Who would you pick for UK SOTY? What do you think of Video Days?


Holy shit, £55 for a team board of a company that doesn’t have a team?!

I see you use these guys (your description is copy/pasted from their site): Skateboard Manufacturing

Who else do they make boards for?

Thanks for your feedback.

These are all very good points.

Our boards are here and they’re already selling, not in any volume but things are moving which is promising.

Skateboarding experienced a huge surge during COVID and we feel that there is room for our brand to make a mark. Admittedly I can’t say what will make us different but we’re learning as we go and having a lot of fun in the process. Perhaps in a year from now all this will be more clear.

We’re working on putting together a team and our plan is to keep it tight knit and local as that’s where we’ve seen the most support.

Our local skate scene has some really great skaters but more than that it’s all really good people :slight_smile:

Why do you sell Ace Trucks.

Why does it look like University clothing.

Why don’t you have a team?

Why is the one guy in your Instagram average at best. There’s a number of posters on here who skate to a much higher standard.

I just find someone starting a new company hasn’t found all these questions and answers online as these new start up brands have been done to death.

See National Skate Co, Skate Cafe in terms of how to start a proper brand in the UK.


We have decks in from several different wood shops.
We have used Point Distribution but we also have boards made in China and Mexico City. Ideally we’d like to manufacture in the UK but there’s only one wood shop that we’ve found and unfortunately they were swamped with orders so they couldn’t take us on either.

I’ll be amending the description in due course. It’s far better to have unique content for SEO purposes but for the sake of moving things forward I have overlooked this.

Lot’s to do. Thanks for your feedback

I read the name as like “I’m off out On Da Skateboard” (bruv) which put me off. Or is intentional that it sounds like that as well as the Mexican word for wave?
Then again, I think Primitive is a shit name for a brand so what do I know?

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£55 is some crazy mark up on Chinese boards when you’ve got no team or distributor to think about. People can buy a Palace board for a tenner less, so why wouldn’t they?

You can call yourself a skateboard company when you have a team. As it is, you’re a website selling boards pressed and printed by somebody else.

Trying to be constructive so you don’t sink your life savings into this and wonder why you’ve got piles of unsold boards in your lock-up for the rest of time.


What’s your favourite part of the year, and favourite full-length? Who would you pick for UK SOTY? What do you think of Video Days?

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Yer what @buildafire said.

Thanks for your feedback. I like to think of the unsold boards as my lifetime supply of skateboards should this venture not succeed.