Palace - Beta Blockers


Had to drop something to mask the whiff of the McDonald’s stuff fair play


So hyped on that, proper mint, class soundtrack. Shawn Powers and Chewy my faves. Jahmir insane. Classics from everyone else.

Loved it. SP skating to Radiohead, full Philly part from chewy, snelling & stu clips, Lucas in a sombrero. Jahmir’s part was something else, fully deserves his name on a board.


No more spoilers please!

Whacking this on the telly now

I am going to be rewatching that first part many, many times.

Jahmir fave part.

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First time I’ve heard Jon b up all night in a while

Good vid

That was, as expected, fucking excellent.


Stoked on Chewy, Heitor cruising about, safe, tight, banging.

Also Terrence Trent Darby lolz


I felt like that might’ve been a super low key Dill diss.


Beta Blockers, is that in reference to Maccers collab?

Just started watching intro is amazing, live review.

Jahmir brown wtf.

What’s Ville’s song. (Found it)

Pedro ffs too good

Lucas is showing every parent you can still shred. And hold a T-shirt

Jahmal is so dope. Spicy ledge tricks we would all like to do

Heitor replied to me on insta once so he’s the best regardless.

Kyle Wilson is amazing I hope he is getting paid.


Brady did a fakie 540 on a hip, always wanted to
Do that. Also so fucking good.

Liked the Jensen cameo.

I don’t know the next guy but love the fits.

Lucien Nollie back t big flip was mad.

Rory is ridiculous.

I don’t know who the next guy is? On DC, dope steez.

Charlie Birch, U.K. Dylan?

Can’t get past Lobster Gate. But decent.

Chewy :heart:


Powers section was sick

Soundtrack was amazing to the point that watching with big nice headphones was a really immersive experience.
Didn’t pause or wheel it at all. I was in a zen like state and letting myself fully absorb it all. Can’t remember the last time a video engaged me to that point.



Yeah precisely. I just couldn’t be arsed giving a more elaborate spots/cafe explanation yesterday.
It’s deffo a diss though innit.


Ville - Ender was mad, that bump is hard to just ride up

Pedro - bit boring.

Lucas - the fewer clothes, the sicker the tricks.

Heitor - feels like he’s dropped some of the wavy inflatable arm steez, or he’s just been given a better edit, but either way his skating looks all the better for it.

Some of the vhs filming looks very odd to me - like I’m viewing everything through a haze of disassociation. It feels much more pronounced than even on older Palace vids and I really don’t like it.

Brady - Sick. Classic style. Need more.

SP - the worst style. Just horrible, I don’t get it.

Chewy - I’ve always enjoy watching him, but his skating does feel a little bit repetitive these days. You know what you’re getting, which is both good and bad.

I’m not a Palace fan but I always give the videos a watch as there’s always good stuff in them, but I really wasn’t feeling this one.

Shout out actual beta blockers tablets though.

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Either it’s the camera or SP filmed some tricks during the recent smoke which engulfed New York (from the Canada fires). A few clips looked very red. If it’s the latter than that makes the clips extraordinarily gnarly.

It’s Betamax cameras now and agree it looks shit. The VHS ones they used originally up to Palasonic had a distinctive look these just look like badly set up VX1000s