Palace thread

Thought I’d start a generic Palace thread.

This LA store is quite some achievement. I mean just fucking look at it. There’s a mosaic of Rory and it’s dripping with marble. And Rocco!

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Stoked for Gareth and Lev.

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Rofl that’s bonkers

Fucking hell, skateboarding is well weird.

Do you think they could grip a board for you?


A butler in silk white gloves does it for you.

Also available for other requests ‘around the back’.


Tokyo store is pretty bonkers too.

They must be loss making stores! How many boards do you need to sell to make them pay? :joy:

You be tripping if you think even a small percentage of revenue comes from board sales…

I wonder what car Lev drives these days

I know i know… it were jus a joke

Easily a lambo or Ferrari

These guys done well. Much respect ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I work with a geezer who claims he had chance to buy in and be an initial investor. Unlucky if true lad

Palace clothing off the Slam City site. Skewis off the Umbrella Agencies/Slam City director list.

It seems their UK skate shop vampirism is complete.

Worst/most scene-damaging/rapacious skate brand of all time. The brazen monopolism even beating Supreme/Nike/adidas et al.

What are you on about? Nike is by far the worst, Supreme isn’t really a threat to skate shops since the non Supreme stuff is only available instore. Palace pulling clothing out skate shops is shit but not like they were making shops buy huge quantites of stinking colourways that would never sell to get access to the good stuff

You would be surprised how much rank bullshit we were able to sell at SS20


I actually forgot that they stopped supplying skate shops with their clothing, I don’t see why they couldn’t just give them a basic supply and reserve the full line for themselves. Bit of an odd move really as they must be so rich now that it surely wouldn’t make much difference to them. Oh well.

I think the current line of no supply through skate shops is v uncool.

I suppose they could do something like the Nike SB Orange Label thing.

The thing is it seemed the hype around Palace fizzed out in skate shops once they pulled the clothing, if the kids can’t get hold of it, then they’ll find something else to get hyped on, that they can get hold of. I think Palace did Polar a massive favour there. Even though Polar are now going down the fashion route and selling to non-skate clothing shops.


I don’t really see very many proper young skaters wearing Palace at all, to me it has already jumped the shark amongst kids who genuinely care about the act of skateboarding. As far as skate brands go they wear a lot of Polar and Yardsale.

Only kids with boards I ever see in Palace are complete beginners or ones who ‘used to skate’ then got back into it once it became cool again and just ride around bailing no complies and doing shit powerslides

Nail on the head HH. I never see anything Palace on skaters up north these days. The odd board here and there but that’s literally it.

Might the background stuff also have something to do with Blondey’s departure?