Palace thread

Hide the laces and make them look smart like dress shoes.

Right, finally. That makes sense. If you’re trampling about in long wet grass your laces would get all stuck together.

Look good for booting youth shelters in after smoking some hash with Tez from the other council estate

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It’s bit odd to do them in black and white, of course people would moan if they made them in really bright colours as well, but this way you wouldn’t even notice if a pro golfer did wear them. Also, if a skater wore them then it would also look a bit funny, maybe that’s what people want now?!

It wasn’t the shoes, more the golf.

These are clearly made only for golf as with all golf shoes.

Almost all golf shoes are black or white to comply with club rules.

It’s a fun collaboration between 2 brands who have done many collaborations before.

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That might have been true when Faldo was world number 1.

In any case they are made for playing golf in.

Great stuff :+1:

I suppose it will appear to all the once gully home counties youth as they mature into adulthood. Sink 18 with your dad on the golf course without compromising your street credibility.


Not sure if this is a dig at me or not because i’m from the home counties.

If it is then well done but also way off because i was never gully and that word is well stupid.

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No, not a dig at you. More the generation below you.

Cundall you used to be G as shit.

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Haha! Actually now that I think about it there is plenty of evidence of this. But I was thinking more Palace cap than xxl shirt.

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