Palace thread

Just don’t fall over aye?


Happened to me while cleaning my garden or building wooden obstacles at the skatepark, a couple splinters here and there that made mini holes, but never while skating. This said, I don’t fall very often.

I have a blue puffa that I love and just saw on Insta that Polar are releasing something quite similar (same colour) this week. Gutted.

Fucking hell, pretty sure I’ve heard more people pronounce it as ‘Mosh-eeno’ in the last week than in the entire rest of my life.

It’s Mos Keeno right?

U ok hun?

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Don’t stand for it @buildafire

It’s not Franc. Just some banter and any excuse to remind people of Ed Hall in EST

Palace x Suburban Bliss.
Fuck yes.


Very nice!

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Fuck yeah


Loved Suburban Bliss. Still got a lot of shirts I got in bulk off eBay too. Guess it was an inventory clearance or something because it came from some weird outlet-looking store.

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Insane must be in the post now, surely? Too many parallels not to. Or maybe that’s why they wouldn’t.

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loved suburban bliss. Had a hoodie I wore until there were almost more holes than hoodie.

Yeah had a load of tees, they were my favourite cut. Actually managed to grill Toby about them as I wanted some blanks but they were custom made in India.

This is great, I’ve got one of their sweatshirts I still wear all the time. It’s made of such heavyweight material, I don’t think it will ever wear out.

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Not only is Toby an amazing skater, he is also a badass horticulturalist. Skateboarding’s Monty Don.

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Buzzing for this. Was only thinking the other day how rad Suburban Bliss was and how I wish I still had/fit into some of the clothes I had from them.

Thought he couldn’t skate any more due to glass ankles or something?

I didn’t want to use the past tense! Once amazing, always amazing.


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