i know i know, the thread’s being made whether you like it or not

this just popped up in my recommended list thing -

bunch of stuff in that i hadn’t seen before. age of clips vary massively from age-old to new-ish (you can almost tell by the shoes)


Well that’s tonight’s video to show the littlun’ sorted (I try and show her a cool video every night - skate, MTB, whatever. She’s only 10 weeks, but she loves it. I think).

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My 1yr old will watch cars and skating in a trance like state when I put them on the TV.

ah man now i’m going to fan out on your comment, sums it up nicely. i have mates that stopped skating many years ago who still send me penny clips they’ve found in the depths of the internet

there was a line at 1:20 in the video. it’s at the old playstation mini (RIP). his board and trucks look ridiculously small - like child board small. neat little line tho

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The red mini ramp footage later on is sick

Great footage

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Kind of awkward

so much to talk about and catch up on, evidently.

Maybe Tom is chatting ten to the dozen telepathetically but Chad is just sat there thinking “why is he so quiet, quick, think of something to say, eeeer”

Like, not being a cunt, but what’s the deal with Tom? Too many chemicals over the years?

Waiting for Godot 2 - Still Waitin’

Coming summer 2019

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Yes, very much so.

Don’t know if it’s build up over 30 years or just a result of the bad times he seemed to have late 00’s, but he’s done himself done damage.

So you’re in your little shitty skatepark doing your rubbish little kickflops and 5050s and all the rest and then in comes… Tom Penny and Chad Muska.

That’s a nice day.

I randomly bumped into Penny in Gatwick airport last year.

Well I say bumped into him, it was more a case of Rune Glifberg almost knocking my kid over and then me feverishly looking around for Penny once I realised the Flip team must be nearby. I think he was the last pro I had left to meet that I really wanted to.

I look forward to harassing him at some point in Melbourne.

Penny skating one of my local skateparks at lunchtime on a day I skived off work and elected to not go skateboarding at lunchtime like I usually do.

Was it wrong for me to be expecting a little bit more in that clip?

Every time I watch new footage a little bit of the legend gets chipped away… :frowning:

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I actually think that’s a lot better than a few clips I’ve seen recently.

At least it’s just insta throwaway.

What’s with the weird front arm thing? It’s like he’s riding away pretending to be an elephant.

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Penny Arm innit

said it before and will say it again. weird moon boots or no, weird arms or no, less pop or whatever, still the greatest to ride. i will always be stoked on penny footage, even if he’s frontside 180ing out of front 50s and mob flipping down curbs