I always wonder how Tom doesn’t just melt away into a floppy skin sack wearing all that gear especially in Barcelona. Skating in a beanie and three layers when it’s 28 degrees?

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Don’t get this thing about this Virgil character

The es Penny’s always made me think of Sylvanian families. Mate had loads of Penny samples in random colours, the light blue/purple just looked cute.

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Hadn’t seen this before:


There should be a whole other cult account dedicated to Penny’s regular heelflips.


You dont really see many bs tricks from him either do you? Or am I just missing them?

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That backtail up the hubba is like one of his most famous tricks. And he did bs alley oop flips on tranny all the time. That bs nollie flip into the tranny at that skatepark.

So yeah, pretty balanced mix I reckon


True, i was thinking for the amount of frontside flips and shifties there weren’t many bs flips.

Fair point about the back tails and bs nollie flips though

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Theres one

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did one over the 50p at Radlands 94.
also his transition bs flips are quite splendid


For the record Im not saying he cant do them just that the balance is tipped towards frontside 180 flips (from what Ive seen)

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That 110 degree backside flip into a quarter is like one of the sexiest tricks of all time.



It’s so perfect. Little me couldn’t comprehend how anyone could do that and look so in control.

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Then does a BS Flip to tail, revert in a pool straight after too.

Theres also the bs flip to tail over a driveway to the down block where he just sort of smashes it into place as it tries to escape.

411 14 opener. So shocking back then and still pretty damn good by today’s standards.

He also backside tailslid Hubba, right?

For some reason for years we mainly saw reg and switch frontside flips but he always had a deep bag of tricks.

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Come on, his Switch BS Flip closed down The Chain forever, it’s the thing of legends!


There’s that photo sequence of him fakie lazer flipping up the gap at Prissick. I always assumed he could probably do any trick he felt like it but enjoyed a few more than others so why not just do them?

what are some other good examples of unexpected “one off” (footage) Penny tricks?

here are some that I’ve only seen him do once

  • switch hardflip (bump to stairs in Extremely Sorry)
  • perfect switch fs heelflip over a funbox
  • switch 360 fs flip over the same funbox (both on some shanky unused footage)
  • rock to nosestall revert (sorry b-sides)
  • kickflip manual revert-to-fakie manual fs flip down a massive drop in Columbia
  • massive nollie hardflip (Videoradio)
  • bs 180 nollie melon grab over a funbox (old unused park footage)
  • nollie fs shuv over funbox (glissexpo)
  • fs tailslide a massive hubba (really sorry)

Switch impossible for his ender in Menikmati.

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