Personal photos and feedback

Long(ish) time lurker and only recently decided to join (mainly cos half my week is spent at work on a forum), but thought I would.
Now I’m a terrible skateboarder, more so now than ever :joy:, but did get back into photography a year or so back, which eventually brought me right back to skateboarding (much needed relief from work life)
So I thought a pop a thread up saying hello, and share a photo or so that I’ve taken whenever I remember to.
First up is local lad Dan, went on a street mission on Sunday got one photo then rain came aha

(If there’s a better place for this thread feel free to move :+1:)


Fun looking spot.

Hard one to shoot, that - being dead on means the ledge looks super short, but then fisheye would give you an arse shot.
I think fisheye would be the one, though…

No idea if there is another thread. I had a quick search and couldnt see one…

Personal Footage should include photos nowadays I guess.

I’d like to see a ‘submit your skate photos to the forum critics’ type thread, there’s plenty of knowledgeable people here to give that kind of feedback. Something that falls between gnarly and personal.

OP, Dan looks like he’s enjoying it - shame you lost that light.

Welcome. I forget lurkers are a thing and feel like I’ve been caught walking around the house in my boxers, hair unbrushed with food spilt down my chest, when one comes out of the wood work.

*must try harder to not be a dickhead in public…

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@london yeah not the best one as there is a fence directly next to me, to far over and it’s in shot/lose some of the arm. May just move further back next time and crop in, or make use of the fisheye and try not to get slapped in the face with a board.

@buildafire should or could? Happy either way though honestly.

@nut would love to have a topic like that tbf, or this can become it? Nay bothered really.
Was a fun looking spot, and the lighting was great until rain came (having f2.8 on a lens helps I will admit)

@voodoo don’t change on my account, think that’s how I’ve been majority of lock down haha, thanks for the welcome

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Updated Personal Footage thread name anyway.

Is there anything wrong with individual threads for actual skate content? There aren’t that many threads. Maybe it would encourage more of this cool stuff, otherwise we’ll all be stuck in the trouser/cooking/gardening/news threads like a bunch of old farts. I get having a single selling stuff thread as it would be full of spam otherwise, but I’d quite like to see more contributions like this.

This is a cool post!


Dan needs to help you out here by learning that switch bs.


Dan should also powerslide into a lipslide


Mods swap the title to Personal skate pics. We can post ones we have taken for critique or post old nostalgic ones.

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Yeah think I’ll change title for personal photos and feedback if that’s ok with OP @Potatociderphoto?


All good with me @Spanky more than happy for it to be for this. I’ve lots more photos myself to share.

Those asking for Dan to get some other tricks on it, I’ll see what he says :+1:, good little spot for some different tricks


This is the kind of stuff that new posters should bring - warm welcome @Potatociderphoto

Powerslide Lip


Appreciate the welcome @neddy

Here’s another of one of the locals Kaine giving the DIY bump to wallride some fun

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I really miss the photography thread on the old forum when Burrell etc were posting so dope.


Well hopefully there’s a few more photographers out there happy to share things, would defo help this thread take away from it just being ones I share :joy:

Local to where?
I know that looks like pretty much any park in the country but it massively reminds me of one in Huddersfield.

I’d actually prefer individual topics for videos, mags, etc. I feel like some stuff is pretty limited in discussion partly because unless you are checking constantly, those “constantly updated” threads are actually hard to get into.

Its nice to have a start and an end to a conversation…


In the Midlands @Mush, yeah those kinda parks are all over and not the best.

@Londonskater I’d be happy to do individual for each photo, but tbf I’d feel like I was spamming the place