Phones Thread

I love shit like this

Currently got a Huawei P20 Pro and battery/camera is really really good. But remember Blackberry batteries, you could go like 5 days without recharging it and cane the fuck out of it.

Who are weee.

We do their offices. Sketchy company haha.

Used to work for blackberry. Surprised someone hasn’t stepped in and copied some of their better devices yet

Used to support Blackberry and install the enterprise servers.

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my nephew used to work in carphone warehouse.


I’ve got a p20 Pro I really like it. Despite my friend at work thinking it’s a Chinese spy device. Don’t know if I’ll upgrade when I can or keep this and go sim only

There’s a fair few companies and government services that won’t allow you in the building with a Huawei device. The Chinese probably have all your data anyway so who cares. Oh no my precious skate videos

I have a huawei phone (not sure what one). The battery life is incredible.

I have a unlimited everything sim for 25 quid a month from virgin.

That’s all I have to say. It’s a pretty good set up.

does all I need.
Edit: battery lasts nearly a month.

I got one of these as my UK phone, 2 weeks battery life!

But Huawei has dual sim so into the kitchen draw you go

Huawei Mate 10 Pro here, 'cos I like a phone with a nice camera. Works for me, although maybe there’s some dude in China sat marvelling at how much shit my daughter produces and how little there is in my bank account.



New ones have good battery life.

Can’t get on with any other operating systems but I would try the Red Hydrogen.

Mate 20 pro.
First Huawei and very impressed.
Battery compared to previous Samsung is great.
Camera also is superb.

Everyone that calls our work landline that has an iphone sounds like shit, the volume level waves up and down constantly. My missus would call me on any phone and I could not hear her. She has a pixel thing now and previous to iphone had samsung and those sound fine.
Iphones are so shite and their cameras are awful.

This is just factually incorrect.

Compared to the Huawei believe me, they are leagues ahead

Based on the various people I know who have all had iphones of varying levels, they were all shite. The only thing that I noticed is that they relunctantly defended their phones because they felt they needed to.
The screens too, so many people walking around with smashed screens. If you have kids, don’t have an iphone.

IOS is just so easy to use though which makes up for a slightly poorer camera.

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My iPhone does what I expect and want it to do. I’m not trying to impress anybody, just sharing photos of landscapes and clips of people skating for fun. My shit is gonna get lost in a hard drive and in the depths of the internet like yours. It doesn’t really matter.

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IOS is fine, but the hardware is bad.
I’m not up on phones so cannot really comment on what interfaces are better/easier but I can tell when something is poorer in quality regarding sound and image.