Pizza making thread

I always forget haha

Make sure you flour the the shit out of the dough before you shape and flour the shit out of the peel. Also be confident when you launch it. I’ve fucked a few but needs to happen!

I’ve made this and it’s fuckin sick. Good crowd pleaser Burrata Pizza Recipe — Ooni USA

Fuck im hungry now


Is that first recipe saying 1.4g of yeast or 14g? I normally do 14g. 1.4g is into flatbread territory

14g is way too much. I use about 1/4 of a 7g packet for 1kg of dough.


Sauce recipe: go

One tin toms, with one tsp of sugar, salt and 2 tsp of mixed herbs for a long time. But the best sauce ive tasted feel like just tinned toms and maybe sugar?

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Dried yeast or fresh?

I haven’t actually made my own sauce yet so keen for recommendations! I’m also never sure how much to fire on

Gonna watch the shit outta this thread :+1:

My kitchen is fucked so I have noting to offer sorry :disappointed:

Similar for myself -
300g of 00 flour.
200 ml warm water.
7g/ 1 teaspoon of dried yeast.
1 teaspoon of garlic salt.
Mixed herbs, salt and pepper to taste.
Mixed by hand for about 5 minutes with a spatula - silicone, so the dough doesn’t stick to it.

That makes enough for the 3 of us, usually coming in around 10-12" on the pizza stone.

Would love an Ooni, or anything similar, so it’s just a regular oven for now - any pizza oven would have to be apartment-compatible.

Sauce -
Passata for a thin, wet sauce, or a tin of tomatoes for that bit of plumpness.
Crushed garlic.
Assorted dried herbs.
Dash of salt & pepper.

Seems to work for me.

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Didn’t have enough flour and remembered I’m at home alone with my youngest tonight.

So headed off to the local deli supermarket and got some fancy 00 flour, some hot sopressa salami and some buffalo mozarella.

Forget to get basil like a hypocritical moron.

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This is good advice.

Also a good tip when mixing dough, mix up all the ingredients except the flour and pour into a bowl (water, yeast, condiments etc) and then sieve in about a fifth of the flour, use the spatula to mix it up to a sticky glue like paste.

Then sieve in half the remaining flour and keep mixing with the spatula and once fully mixed after a minute add the rest and mix for a bit longer before turning it out and finishing it off with 5 minutes of kneading.

It ensures that the yeast and salt is evenly throughout the dough.

Post pics of results!

You cook pizza in 60 seconds?

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Yeah some of the really good ovens get up to 400 degrees and will cook it super quick. Not mine though (yet)

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Wood burning pizza oven will do it in about 60 seconds. Have to be careful not to fuck the base though. Load of effort to get the thing hot enough to cook for one minute mind

Here we go…

30 min with gas and it is ready to go.

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I always thought about a massive brick built permanent one at the end of the garden but realised you’d be there for an hour getting it to temperature just for one or two pizzas. That Gozney one looks a good alternative

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