Pizza making thread

Oven talk, dough humidity, cheese to wet toppings ratio, all that good shit


I have a pizza oven that mounts on top of the bbq and heats up off the bbq gas. It’s good but doesn’t cook it in like 60-90 secs which seems to be the good standard

Current dough recipe is:

Pizza dough (4 big pizzas)

Put the following into a Kenwood mixing bowl with dough hook attached:

  1. 1kg Tipo 00 flour
  2. 1 level tablespoon fine sea salt.

Mix following in a Pyrex jug:
3. 14g sachets of dried yeast.
4. 1 tablespoon golden caster sugar
5. 650ml lukewarm water

Add the wet mix to the flour and mix with dough hook for 10 minutes.

Proof for 2 hours with wet teatowel on top in warm room. Ready! (But best frozen in individual portions and then defrosted and re proofed.)

Legend for starting the thread!

I got an ooni 12 which I love but wish I got the bigger size already just to have space to turn. Atm cooking 65% water and trying out way less yeast than usual.

Got good Neapolitan results, chewy, rise on the crust etc but now I’m having a pizza existential crisis. Like they look cool but i know I’m NY pizza person at heart.

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What size pizzas are these? Do you ever do a fridge proof? I always do a minimum of a day in fridge

Help me out. What are the different types of pizza (pics please)? I hear about Chicago pie; neopolitan thin, etc

The last good ones I did last looked like this:


These are about 14”
I go for thin and crispy although that’s using a shit £100 kitchen electric oven.
Really want to get that chewy Italian base with the fat crust on the side

So here’s the Neapolitan recipe: Cold-Prove Pizza Dough Recipe — Ooni USA

Note that there’s no oil or sugar. In your NY style there’s sugar and oil: New York-style Pizza Dough Recipe — Ooni USA

Alongside that salami Pizza I posted in other thread, I made two margs. The texture was so good but I felt like the dough just didn’t have flavour. But the salami and oils with it made all the difference.

Haven’t looked into other styles yet, but am keen too

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I have a gozney and it’s amazing compared to previously having to spend 8-10 minutes in a cranked home over.

Does the 60 to 90 second bake perfectly.

Also figured out a method of doing pizzas on a baking sheet in it with slightly pre cooked dough when cooking for the kids and they all want to eat at once.

The picture in the other makes me wanna bust it out tonight. Now to check if I have flour.

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Thin crust lover here… can’t understand why anyone would want so much dough? Poppa John’s pizza might be dog shit but their garlic sauce dip is heaven.


Pizza is playing snooker or bowling; sometimes I’m good and sometimes I’m wondering why the fuck I bothered. And that’s after 5 years doing it weekly at Pizza Hut in the my teens/twenties.

These are amazing for a conventional oven. Well done.

They look sick! Whenever I have people round and cook loads of pizzas everyone is like fire everything on but ya need less toppings for it to cook better I reckon.

Maximum three toppings including the cheese I reckon. Gets way too wet and soggy in the middle with loads of toppings.

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Here’s a marg from last night too


That burn on the crust :heart:


Thin base, bubbly crust is the aim!


Struggling with getting the topped pizza dough to shuffle off the peel into the oven without it sticking. Tried semolina but then you get this weird crunch for no reason.

Needs a few leaves of basil chucked on it straight out of the oven.