Pizza making thread

It’s rad. Would highly recommend.

First one through. Needs a bit more heat, and I need to learn what a circle is, but quick to get to the point of cooking.

Pizza is a bit like blow jobs, even the bad ones are good.


Haha. We’ve all had some frozen pizzas in our time.

Second margarita for the little guy looking better.

Final go for the night.

I love my Roccbox. Had it about three years now and never lets you down!
Once you get the hang of making a good dough everything else is fairly simple. Good quality ingredients aren’t that expensive really and go a long way to making a really great pizza but even doing it with basic stuff gives great results.

Not sure if this is a competition but this one is winning by a mile.


That is a Verso of a pizza (Suciu part, not little car)

What oven you got?

That’s not mine I’m just judging.

That’s Coxy pizza.

Ask him.

This is my effort at homemade pizza. Went for pepperoni, peppers, onion and mushroom as toppings (besides cheese - cheddar and mozzarella mix like the absolute heathen I am).

Standard oven. Think this was back in 2017 or something. Think it was a Jamie Oliver recipe for the dough. This is just one of the pizzas it made, think I finished up with 4 of varying sizes because the recipe was to serve 16 or something daft and I didn’t realise. Was a lot of fun though, will definitely do it again once I’ve got the barbecue area sorted at the new place. Thinking of building a proper structure with a proper barbie, and a covered bit for pizzas.

I would love to have one of these on my balcony, but would probably melt the concrete and plaster of the balcony above and cause a catastrophic construction failure.

Barely any heat escapes them. They’ve been engineered for small outdoor spaces.

I’ve got mine setup on a rickety wooden table in that picture. Probably less dangerous than any other gas bbq.

Great to know, will investigate, thanks.

A nice basic dough recipe, for a 60% hydration which is nice and easy to handle.
750g 00 flour
450ml water
22.5g sea salt
0.8g fresh yeast (I’ve never used dry yeast so have no idea of the measurements to switch I’m afraid.)
Most supermarkets give it out for nothing if you just ask at the bakery section, I get mine from Tesco every time.

This will give you 5 good size dough balls for 10-11inch pizzas
This is a 24hour dough so once it’s all mixed and kneaded it needs to be bulk proved for about 16 hours at room temp then balled for a minimum of 6 hours and it’s ready to go. Seems like a faff but well worth it as will give really good results. Only a case of doing it the day before and then leaving it overnight.
A great way to make good pizza without a pizza oven is doing it in a frying pan, give way better results than any pizza stone/regular oven combo.

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Live in a flat so no space for it but my birthday is coming up and I suddenly want/need a pizza oven

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Reminds me of this Bluey episode:


How big is your balcony area? Ooni Gas ovens are pretty small!

Had a crack at NY dough tonight


Omg that looks like my perfect pizza


Looks amazing. Is NY deep pan?