Podcasts worth listening to

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  • Hip hop saved my life with Romesh Ranganathan
  • Take it personal podcast

For all the hip hoppers out there


Melvin Bragg is always good:

Iain Borden was on this on Radio 4 the other day:

Been enjoying this. Stay Free: The Story of The Clash

Quite liked ‘Blood on the Tracks’ too on the BBC Sounds App

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This guy (@auto_christ) is a tattoo legend:

Probably only worth listening to if you have a passing interest in tattoos.

Seriously doesn’t appear to give a fuck about the people he tattoos, says he even does it with his eyes closed. Warning the dude who hosts it is a bit annoying https://player.fm/series/books-closed-tattoos-and-the-internet-collide-hosted-by-andrew-stortz/ep-004-autochrist-how-to-not-get-tattooed

Can I request that media doesn’t autoplay? Is that doable?

Appears to be a bug for just this website (player.fm) I think.

To stop media autoplaying, you can keep it as a link by pasting the text inline. (To have the forum search for embeddable media, past the link onto a completely new line, with no spaces before the link).

I’ve been enjoying some of these lately…

Probably my favourite podcast of recent has been this one about Isis, a bit of an insight into the inner workings and structures of the group and the presenter has the best voice and temperament.

new podcast by feedback ted and ryan lay(who seems like an all round champ) and a couple of others.
not given it a listen yet.


Off Menu with James Acaster and Ed Gamble. Basically they get celebs (usually comedians but not always) on to go through their dream menu. More entertaining than it sounds.

I second this, great listen, nice for the commute home after work.

Enjoyed the Tom Kerridge episode the most so far, only listened to the first 10.

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oh no, that one always makes me way too hungry.

For some reason I like listening to music while I’m working in the daytime, but if I’m working late nghts I switch to podcasts.

Anyway, I really enjoy The Adam Buxton Podcast - it’s on Spotify, as well as other sources I think. Some of the songs he does are so ridiculous, and his dog, Rosie, can talk!

99% Invisible is rad, loads of quality info on some obscure topics. This one about how Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto designed a backyard pool in the 50s which then became the blueprint for backyard pools in SoCal, so giving rise to skating as we know it is a personal favourite - The Pool and the Stream - 99% Invisible

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What are the chances his first name is so nearly ‘Alva’ haha that’s quality.

I’m a long-time fan.

Me too. Do you ever think we will get to gear the end of the Tom Cruise story?