Podcasts worth listening to

I can’t remember which episode, but I’m sure it was discussed that J Corn had told the whole story when he was on The One Show promoting his latest film.

Ah bum.

If true that’s an outrage!

‘The One Show’ i’ll be safe waiting for the next installment.

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Haha. Just to clarify… I didn’t see it.


David Cameron put us in the Messtor Judkins

If you’re into 70s afro-psych…

Has anyone joined Club Parsnips for the Athletico Mince podcast? I’ve never signed up to any of these special patreon type things and just wondering if its worth it.

Have any of you listened to the Vent City podcasts? Any good? Ta.

they def worth a listen, gets a bit ‘right-on’ at times but that’ll be white people for you.
theres at least 3 or 4 words an episode i need to look up after too.

I like the Vent City podcast. I feel like I’m learning something when I listen to it. Whether it a new word or a different perspective on something. It’s definitely wordy, but I kinda like that.

The new Richard Herring episode with Les Dennis is really.

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I watched that last night, it’s a good one

Thanks @judithpriest and @chasone, I’ll give it a crack sometime soon.

Apparently Richard E Grant did RHLSTP recently but his ‘people’ insisted it wasn’t published. Not clear why… possibly Star Wars spoilers

I just can’t do herring anymore and any word out of his yap sends me in a rage.
Same with them bunt dudes.

He can be super annoying, but has improved since he stopped drinking those strong beers during the recording

hmm by all accounts the les dennis one is worth a listen.
may give him one more try.

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