Podcasts worth listening to

New Skate Creative Podcast with Josh Hallett and Quentin Guthrie.
For those who don’t know already - both are UK-based skate film makers.

Both have done many things here are two examples.


Podcast discusses filming, the economics of being a skate filmer, taking the piss, being insane and more. Funny Michael Fabricants both. Also featuring Joel Curtis and myself.


That one was really interesting, coulda been double the length.

Favourite quote from the ep, “if Ches can do it, it’s not going in”

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Halfway through the Muska Nine Club episode.
It’s fantastic. Love The Muska, love Chad.


Cheers - Josh and Quentin are both hilarious and opinionated and, most importantly, massive skate nerds.

There was quite a lot cut from it so it would’ve been longer in its original form but lots of rambling and maybe too much piss taking.


‘’Time to share the underground classics with the next generation. Take a trip with Steve and guest Will LaCosta aka “Fusilli Grind” as we dip into the Tantrum Distribution “Credo” from 96’ and the Fit Industry section of 411vm issue 26. ‘’


Fuck yeah! Can’t wait to watch this. Credo is sick!

Agreed such a great video, still have this VHS, rinsed it.

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No need to speak French to appreciate this music

Edit: I’d only listened to the start of this when I posted. Currently about 30 mins in. It’s not terrible but the song skip way too fast. It really feels like browsing an album instead of appreciating each song. Also some skips are weird but I’m not a DJ so what do I know?

Also, I feel like girl choco can’t be only brands worthy of video soundtrack medleys. Baker Deathwish Shake Junt could provide solid mixtapes too.

Paging DJ Twit / @andy_smoke

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Seems great, gonna listen to it while working from home tomorrow, thanks!

Gonna repost the only mix I ever made, classic tunes from classic vids:


I could have stuck this in the mental health thread but that’s not seen by everyone so put it here.


Quote from 4th Chamber during the intro

Just booked tickets to Uncanny Live for my daughter and myself. Should be fun!


Need to knock it on the head myself, not had a dry day since March.

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You been listening to the US one? Ha, of course you have!!!

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Yeah we listen to them together at bedtime, but I keep falling asleep lol

The US ones have been a nice change up but I don’t quite enjoy them as much as the UK version.


Uncanny Live was pretty good fun. I only happened across it being on in Stoke just over a week back so was right up in the circle having missed the best seats.