Podcasts worth listening to

I was on a podcast last night but I had to get up at 2am for it so didn’t really say much.


So is it a podcast worth listening to then? Haha.

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what were you chatting about?
also: Fab 5 Freddy!!

It was about clothes, rap and skateboarding. All the good stuff.

F5F was super nice. Just lovely. So many old rappers seem like dicks but he was so mellow. It was sponsored by a weed company and everybody got sent a complimentary package except me because I live in the wrong country.


Hoping to check that out tomorrow. My most recent job means that I can listen to podcasts/music at work all day, massive game changer!

Anyone got the Oasthouse Partridge podcasts? I’ve bought all his fucking dvds

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Might interest a few folk, my regular podcasts include a lot of woowoo related shit, but there’s some good cultural crossover for most of them. Highly recommend the following,.

Against Everyone With Conner Habib.
Radio Free Golgotha.

Really into a new one I’ve just discovered called Bad Gays - well good.


Someone sort me with some free oasthouse.

No links I’m afraid. I got it free on the 30 day audible trial deal.

A non-Partridge podcast that’s good is Ear Hustle. It’s made by prisoners in San Quinten prison about general life in there. It’s interesting, funny and not sensationalist like something like this could be.

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Very good listen and probably worth sharing with those you know who are dabbling and not full gone nut job conspiracists.

I’m enjoying the back and forth on bringing skate brands back from the dead


The socially distant sports bar. A little sports, a lot of tangents and pretty funny. Very Welsh - Good working from home background noise.

Ellis James doing impressions of his daughter with the cockney accent on Rob Beckett lockdown parenting podcast is one of the funniest things I’ve heard. Also him talking about supporting Swansea city over the years on the quickly Kevin will be score podcast is great.

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I couldn’t manage the new Bunt episode, but was reminded of this

not got stuck in yet - anyone a fan?

On his radio show with John Robins he does one, where he says “I’m a dirty little goblin” in a cockney accent, that cracks me up every time.

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