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that says i don’t have access to that topic? weird one

@tbk11 you can’t see the for sale thread?

I can’t either.

Does this work? Probably me being incompetent with the link.

If not, use the search function - it’s definitely there.

Yeah the link worked and showed the for sale thread at the top but just came up saying i didnt have access for some reason! Working now though so all good

Ah cheers, will look in to this. And nice one for linking the For Sale thread, think I couldn’t find it as I was searching for ‘Selling your stuff’ like on the old forum. Will post these on there as well.

EDIT: meant to reply to madmax and others. not sure how to reply to a reply if you see what I mean.

Youtube keeps throwing grammerley ads at me. Even the algorithms know i’m shit at English!

Monday.com can fuck off as well.

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Been getting a lot of sponsored adds on insta of some young knobheads on yachts and driving lambos advertising some sort of market trading.

Fucking hell man, same here, like a fucking barrage

Either we’re all very similar people, or these companies are very lazy with their targeting, because I’m getting all the same stuff too!

Literally just had that douche from Revive Skateboards come up doing a sponsored ad for shell :man_shrugging:t3::man_facepalming:t3:


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Oddly though, he is the reverse of a youtubers story.
He was properly on Birdhouse and maybe Lakai too but turned his back on it to do what he does now.
Most tubers seem to be trying to promote themselves into the radar of big companies, he went the other way.
He is irritating as fuck, which could also be the reason why they got shut of him.

When you see a vintage music/skate t-shirt listed on Etsy for like £300, do those tees actually sell? Or is the seller just hoping for the best? Asking for a friend

I reckon they get bought by ‘designers’ at places like Urban Outfitters. Very basic reverse engineering.

But do they actually sell for tons of cash? Or should I just flog my tees to a friend who deals in vintage clothing, for a nice bit of dosh but nothing astronomical? Asking for a friend

Sometimes but I’m under the impression they usually set the bar super high and then pick and choose as the offers come in. If it is up for £300 though then it will probably go for a fair chunk still and not like a tenner or something