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Ahem https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/13m-london-house-listing-goes-viral-due-to-its-huge-amount-of-plug-sockets-a4277366.html

OK maybe you can

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Irresponsible meme of the day so far


All those sockets would make my supply of extension cables redundant and they’d all add to my ever growing collection of ‘just in case’ cables.


There used to be an NSFW thread.
As most people work fom home now, would that need to be MCSFW.
MC = Most Certainly.

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Extra points for Phil Mitchell though.

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I always think that when i see footage or photos of the inside of semi-wealthy American homes. Its like they have all this space but don’t know what to actually put in it apart from a massive TV

I’m not a fan of when a TV dominates a room and all the chairs are pointing towards it. Totally agree with you re space

Quite 90s, that. You don’t really see that much now, thankfully.

they need some space for their gun racks

he needs to exercise some cable tidiness too. I don’t have much going on in terms of decorating skill, but I can use a fucking cable tidy properly.

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Some of the worst Feng Shui going on there.

You can’t buy taste!


I can never get my head around why expensive interiors look and feel so cheap and tacky. I mean in the traditional sense when normal people with no imagination have money.
I don’t think there is a hotel in the world that would make me feel that the cost was warranted.

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Chips 4 dayz.


surely you can send that photo in to some tat magazine and win £5?

It’s the biggest potato i’ve ever seen twice over easily.

One tater. One.

those are some fat chips

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That’s bigger than the butternut squash we had delivered yesterday!

Send it into SMTV live with Cat Deeley, Ant and Dec and also go back in time 20 years. They had some sick weird food products on there

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