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Has Ed Templeton been drawing on hills in Peru?

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Ben Broyd of Blast and Legacy fame :joy:

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Wolves Civic those ones are well tricky

Any web nerds out there? Got a request to make a website with ecommerce type options, paypal etc, is there an easy way to do this with a 3rd party plugin or site, that the client can manage?

This is the obvious one I guess https://wordpress.com/ecommerce/

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@jimvo Shopify?


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The price of one cup of coffee a week never felt like a better investment…

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I just asked the Google how long I had left on my timer and she said “21 seconds to go”. Bars.


Is there a name for that weird trick when you jam an eBarsdge between your wheels and board and slide along your wheelbase?
cf Jon West Art Bars

Works dragging today. Easy way to make the day go a bit faster…


How long is working there with all the Covid stuff.

Is there a vert ramp in London?

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