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Have you stolen all their pans again?

of course

Empower. Wank marketing word of the decade


Jesus Christ this wind. Home alone, went downstairs and it sounded like there was some brian cant pounding on the patio doors. Absolutely fucking shat myself. Ran outside thinking where the pile of bricks was in case I needed a weapon and it was just the table on it’s side bouncing off the window.


Best song they did!

Haha, yeah, solid track. I was smoking a lot of weed when this came out.

When bcc where on it they were fucking great.


Some mad tech in this,

Question floating around in my head, what exactly is the origin of the mayday grind, who named it that, etc. I brought it up in a discussion with some fellas across the pond and none of them had heard the term, is it more of a UK centric term in the same vein as new deal/newer deals? I found a Lance Mountain interview with the term Mayday referring to a 50-50 to fakie, so I’m curious as to how that term became used for 5-0 grind to fakies.

Neil wasn’t the type of guy to be self-promotional and call a trick ‘the Blender.’ The early trick names were instructional. An axle stall to fakie was called a mayday because it was dangerous.

Always thought it was Aaron Dieter.


skane first did one to fakie on a fallen maypole back in the day hence the name

always hated the name new deal so never use it, not sure why

Might possibly have been done first by him (see also the ollie blunt) but 100% most of the best trick names are via Blender.

I thought I read somewhere that everyone’s favourite multi hatted racist was one of the first to do pivot fakies

I thought new deal and variations were all done off the nose?

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