'Portions' - new UK video by Austin Powers (Austin Bristow) featuring Charlie Birch, Lucien Clarke etc

21 minutes of some of the best dudes in the UK.
London-centric for obvious reasons.

Thread worthy I reckon.



Incredible. Thrasher must be gutted they didn’t get this. Best thing since Tom Knox’s part. And he’s in it.

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“Fresh from prison” for Morph and “Cleanest sneaker” for the Air Flight was a rad touch.

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So much goodness in there. Kyle is otherworldly. Can almost forgive him on the muska flips.

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Where to start with that? So good. If I didn’t have busted ass ribs right now I’d be out for a full day of it tomorrow. I’ll just have to settle for watching that again multiple times instead.

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That was very very good.

Don’t want to be that guy because I’m really enjoying it so far (Brady footage yes). But who the fuck is everyone.

Just put a name on screen…


Loved it.

Excellent video and excellent soundtrack! One to get fired up on

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Un fucking believable.

Tom Penny and A-ha!

Hold on, isn’t Austin Bristow weed or the other annoying bellend from the other forum?
Of course, i’m probably wrong.

Correct! About being wrong. Weed had the same surname but shared his name with a cricketer. I think he was to do with Drug Store. Who rule.

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Yes, thanks man, I didn’t want to be a prick and call a stranger out but if it was the same then he was a dick, back then ha.
Glad it’s not though. About to watch it now.

Watched it back to back. So good!
Kyle Wilson is my new favourite skater.

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Surprise Chico appearance!

Lotta good stuff in that. Charlie, Rory, Brady, Snape, Kyle…all smashed it.
Love how low key Brandy is then comes out with the sickest-never-switch-trick selects.


I’m always secretly hoping for a switch flip. Everyone smashed this. Charlie Birch, Lucian, Kyle Wilson. U.K. Skateboarding is in fucking good hands at the moment.

Mackey clips always appreciated :raised_hands:t3:


Always wanted to hear Sun always shines on TV on a skate video but, not in that way, ha.
Really liked it! some bits were a bit too hectic for my eyes but overall, rad.
First dude, agree with Deeg, he’s wild in fun way.

My better half just said to me “Can you please get ready so we can go to B&Q?”.
My response: “No, I need to finish watching this first.”


Doesn’t that make you the better half?