Post here features you want to see on the forum

  • Instagram embedding
  • Less whitespace
  • Whatever else

The ‘UK Skate Forum’ bold text banner is kind of off-putting. Can we change it so there’s a weekly banner image or something? Or just perhaps an Andy Smoke drawing?

The headline fonts are too bubbly. I’d like a different typeface for all the titles and sub-titles.



In the short term there is a setting under ‘Interface’ to change the theme to light or dark. Dark sets a black background with light text… and reminds me of MAS.

Which is nice.


Literally made it in 30 seconds. Definitely up for suggestions. Maybe we should just open up the floor and see what people come up with

Agree with these. A bit less white will be easier on our old, fucked eyes. And an Andy Smoke banner ftw.

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I found the temporary forum much easier so will need to get used to this. If you can make the headers smaller it will be easier to use at work.

YES! :+1:

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Some fucking wasteman stole my username, ignore anything Haven_Hamilton posts (in fact ban the account if possible?)

Haven_Hamilton_Official is the only account for shit chatting…



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Anyway if whoever did it posts its going to be immediately obvious it isn’t me as they won’t be on point


There’s no button which appears to bring you back to the main forum index while viewing a thread without editing the url manually. Or am I missing something?

Edit: Whoops, just realised it’s because when you change the interface to dark, the banner text for the forum index is also black so it camouflages into the rest of the skin.

Scroll to the top and click the massive black text that says UK SKATE FORUM

Lol, yeah I was the one complaining about it in the first post. It was just hidden after changing to the dark mode.

Dark mode! Amazing.

We can’t quote posts, can we?

Yes we can.

Might be able to make a theme called ‘excel help forum’ or something where all images are hidden for those wishing to enjoy the forum at work

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hahaha, that was my (mildly sarcastic) asking of Haven his definition of being ‘on point’ was

we could have a rotating banner going. Spanky, is it tricky to change?

Forum always goes to your last unread post. Takes getting used to on mobile as the ‘suggested topics’ takes up so much room. Might change that.

Might have to be a manual change but not tricky even so. Could you make some for us?!?