Post here features you want to see on the forum

How do you quote?

Honestly don’t know

happy to give one a bash

Just select all the text you want to quote from their post, and a button will appear on top of the selected text that says “Quote reply”.


Try hitting the reply button beside the response?

Go to settings and select dark mode for a better experience.

Selecting your respsonse gives a Quote command which results in this…

@ciaran ABP

By me.

This interface is great.


Can we embed Vimeo? Going to start a DIY thread.

Think so. Give it a crack

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bad teeth, bad weather, bad pavement & Beano trucks

Excellent work @andy_smoke

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not sure what sizes are needed. if the dog pic works, great.
if something else is preferred, all good with me

Is it on transparent background?


edit: emojis work.