Post here features you want to see on the forum

changed logo back to non-doggo one until I have time to work out the specs for each, there are like 10 different sizes. Sorry smoke, soon though…

Happy to help in any way I can Spanky. Have a weekend with my kid this weekend, so have a few nights with time to kill.

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Forum is so much easier to navigate on phone than the old Sidewalk one. Thanks to everyone who set this up.

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Just tweaked the CSS so there’s less whitespace on the topic listing page

Nice work Spanky!

Just another quick one, is it possible to tweak the CSS or HTML on the top nav bar so it doesn’t always show up? That would make it easier to be stealthy at work.

Otherwise there’s always “UK Skate Forum” or at the top of each page in big letters.

I’m not an expert but I think you’d just need to remove the “clearfix” from the d-header class

Already delivered. But your suggestions please on how I could highlight this feature so it’s more obvious?!?

Oh cool sorry I didn’t spot that. Should have read the thread!

Really great work, this new UI is a massive improvement. Thanks Spankers!

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  • Compressed topic and reply list for less whitespace
  • Dark Work Lurk theme now available

Can you change the skateboard icon? Looks a bit like how I imagine K8’s Sk8s looks…

Soon as I get a bit of time. I need to use smoke’s dawg and get the forum name in there somewhere and create images for mobile, desktop, favicons, notifications, etc. Bit of a ball ache. That original pic of the skateboard wheel is a random pic I had of my board.

Is there anyway we can see how many users this forum has? Or how many lurkers?

Also, this just popped up:

Welcome to UK Skateboarding Forum — thanks for contributing!

  • Does your reply improve the conversation in some way?
  • Be kind to your fellow community members.
  • Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas , not people.

What a load of shite! Fuck the lot of you.

OMG, just found this: UK Skateboarding Forum

There’s a fucking league table!


Where’d you see that text dent?

Nice. There was a league table on the old one, although I don’t know if you non-mod plebs could see it.

When I went to reply to this topic. It popped up next to the reply box i was typing into. Weird it popped up now after 10 replies!

You should see the badges, some of the names are so cringe. Deleted/hidden some of the worst ones. Need all the ubermensch shit back

That’s sick! I’m in CL contention. Hyped.

7.75wasenough is such a rad username. Post more whoever you are!

I already wish I could retract upvotes, or likes, or whatever they are.

Can you not just tap to unlike? I just tried it and can do it fine

I can do that to your post here, but I guess after a while it sticks. No worries!