Posting last tricks from video parts. Cool or not?

My first thread :raising_hand_man:t2:

This is something that gets to me so much. I really think it spoils the part so much when you realise you have already seen the last trick the whole part has built up to. The fact that it is just done for likes on social channels makes it all the more harder to swallow.

If it’s the person who made the video’s choice then while I still don’t like it I have to respect their decision but when it’s anyone else I don’t think it’s cool.

Justified or do I need to shut up?


Stay off social mediaz

I have to be on there for my work so I can’t!!

Yeah agree

Although on the flip side this fast churning out of skate footage can help keep things fresh. Always hated when a video was hyped for 3 years and you end up seeing half the part in mag interviews and ads. Obviously still happens but not as much as it did 15-20 years ago. Maybe due to decline in print mags, I dunno just rambling a bit now

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It’s a bit different seeing a pic than the footage though.

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Justified. It’s the “Spoiler Alert” of the skateboard world. People have put together their sections for a reason. I hate it when people just pick the last trick and post that for likes, except for the Quartersnacks Top 10. They have a good mix of enders and random clips in sections, plus they always credit the links to the full section.

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I actually hate it when people post the enders on social media. Especially within the first couple of weeks of the section coming out.

It sucks seeing the last trick first. You usually see the insta post and find out about the section.

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It is all part of the throw away society we now live in. Nothing quite beats the full length productions for me when watching a part in YouTube or wherever it’s in 1 eye out the other 9/10 times regardless if I have seen the ender or not.

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I get why people don’t like it - it spits in the face of the hard work involved (to an extent), it’s a spoiler, disrespects the edit etc etc BUT with the Internet you cannot marshal that shit.
The old rules are long gone, Pandora’s Box has been opened and the lid flung off a cliff.

Plus, applying rules that make sense to older skaters who’ve been around for long enough to appreciate etiquette, to the beahaviour of kids who can (and will) rip a video part that’s been posted on YouTube and stick the ‘best’ trick on their Insta for Social Media endorphins is a futile battle in my eyes. Nothing that anyone can (or should?) do about it.

That said - stoked to see you posting and starting threads boss.


100% the game has changed.

I can remember being 15, seeing Watts on a session absolutely killing it, talked about it on N26 and got bollocked by Budd. I was a kid didn’t know what I was doing.

It’s so weird seeing everything out there instantly. I’m not even 30 (2 weeks away) and getting nostalgic - fuck knows how you lot feel.

Was Jamie Thomas’ smith grind board out before Misled Youth? That was the ender, right?

Absolutely there is unfortunately nothing we can do about it, and @anonymity I couldn’t agree more that my argument is coming from a generational place that is becoming (or has become) irrelevant, I was just really interested to hear others opinions on this because through conversations I have it seems to divide opinion across ages. @Bridmarble I also share your view it is a reflection of the society we live in now but that it one of the things that saddens me. We never used to be a mirror to wider society, now this instant gratification attention economy we find the world in seems to have rubbed off on skateboarding too which is such a shame. @sk8arrog8 your point is exactly what drove me to start this thread. I found out about Dane Barker’s new part (who I think really is one of the most exciting new skaters from the last few years) by seeing his last trick posted on twitter by someone who had nothing to do with the production of that part. It’s such a shame to spoil it for everyone else.

“The old rules are long gone, Pandora’s Box has been opened and the lid flung off a cliff”, in so many ways it’s ridiculous. It’s not for us (at least me or anyone else that’s 40 years old) to decide how things are in skateboarding anymore, but this one in particular really is shitty. “(or should?)” is definitely futile I agree.

There’s definitely people out there doing it that are old enough to know better though haha!


Being a million years old, I used to buy music.
Tapes, records, CDs. Sometimes singles, but usually albums. More songs for the money was the mindset.
Often, I was buying the album for one song. The hit single, or a song I’d fallen in love with from a skateboard video.
Albums on tape meant listening to it all for just one song. Rewinding/ fast-forwarding seemed to ruin tapes, and definitely ate batteries.
Sometimes I would discover an album that was brilliant. The whole tape was a pleasure.
But mostly I just wanted the one song. The rest of the album was rotten.
Currently, I couldn’t watch every skateboard video even with both eyes glued open 24 hours a day. If @skatemediaoutlet posts Frisky Sven’s enders up, I can content myself with the hit single, the money-shot, caring less about whatever album tracks I’m missing out on.

Or, if its Bobby Worrest, I’ll go watch the whole part, knowing I’m going to enjoy several minutes of skateboard brilliance, from beery chat-up line all the way to drifting asleep a smiling sticky mess. Oh Bobby.


I still buy music all the time, and the way we consume that has changed as much as the way we watch skate videos. But I would be disappointed if the lead single from an album was the last song on the album in the same way.

Must check out Frisky Sven’s new part though!!!

This is fantastic, I’m stealing it.

And posting it on social media for more likes, heh.

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Fucking yes.

I agree, no way I’m sitting through hours of uploads every night when either IG or Skateline can show me the best bits of video parts I’d never watch normally. Actual videos are so scarce and I don’t think enders of those really get posted, do they? I don’t recall anything from Cover Version appearing too soon. Or even other, less important, videos from recently.

If the ender is rad and its from something actually purchasable you’re going to buy it anyway.

I do remember one of the filmers posting the ender from Korahn’s Grey part (fakie tre at London Bridge) as the part came out and getting slated on Insta for it.

I’ve done it myself before - but always after a grace period.

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That’s it.

Magazines post their covers! Assuming that’s the best picture in the mag, do people fail to buy it or pick it up because they’ve seen the cover? Fucks no.

also sometimes the photo on the cover is the ender of an upcoming video part. I love ender pics.