Hi all

I’m working on a project which involves a stunt for a mobile phone manufacturer and we are looking to partner with an influencer with over 10k followers on Instagram. The stunt/shoot is going to take place at Goodwood motor circuit on the 23rd of October (not long). If you are around and this is of interest, it would be great to chat more. Email if you are this person or have a contact of someone who meets the grade.

Look forward to hearing from you. Email

What does it pay?

What’s the stunt?

paging dechuna

(not making fun, why not him)

If you have over 10k instagram followers, please email me along with you’re Instagram handle/link and I’ll share further details on the stunt and pay.

You can share those details here so nobody wastes their time. This sort of thing happens a lot.

I can’t share pay details as this is a private conversation to have with the person.

What’s the stunt?

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It’s a sad sad world.

But yeah, what is the “stunt”?

Happy to share this via email to the persons with over 10k followers on Instagram. An NDA will have to be signed by the person this info is under lock and key for now.

People need to know to see whether you’re a cheeky shit trying to get cheap labour

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We’re a top agency in London and don’t do cheap hand outs. PM me and I can share details.

Mate agencies post stuff like this all the time, expecting to get some affable skateboarder to look stupid for a pittance, while they pocket the real loot.

People are rightfully wary when you’re being as cagey as this.


What we do is cool and nothing but cool, check out our website

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You’re probably better trawling instagram yourself, that way you’ll see if anyone is good enough for your stunt.
Although we could tell you if your stunt is actually possible.

This is my last response here. Thanks.

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You sound like a great bunch of lads to work with.


That went well didn’t it? Looking forward to the results


I’ll do it, I’m not an influencer though.

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