Predictions for 2022

We usually have one of these threads, right?

Tony Hawk is the first skater in space, doing zero gravity 900s (I know he did the zero gravity plane thing before but space is next level)!


Jagger Eaton wins SOTY

2022 will be a year of mullets. (I was skating just before Christmas and actually saw some younger skaters cutting each others hair like this in rollersnakes car park.)


Suciu doesn’t put out a part in 2022 (apart from his SOTY one).

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Decunha gets his own NFT of a benihana.


A pessimistic one:

A classic, loved brand goes under.

I’m going to guess Zero or Flip.


Full on mid 90s baggy denim, big white tee, white leather/gum soles come back with a vengeance

Please god make this happen


I can see this with dudes like Tiago, Carl Aitkins and Erik Herrera leading the charge. Possible a soty for tiago :pray:


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Celebrities start ‘owning’ skate companies (like Ryan Reynolds and Wrexham FC) and have guest boards

I’d go for a Tom Hanks New Deal cruiser

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Couldn’t find a thread from last year but wondered how many previous predictions came true?

Did @AndySipowicz know something we didn’t with regards to less international travel? Shit, gaps in handrails came true as well!

The first known Covid case was identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. So things where already starting to look sketchy, I guess?

Water sponsor - there is liquid death and Tony Hawk did a collab board that had his own blood in it.

Current season of BOTB won’t finish.


Looking at that list I’d say I did pretty well.
Would have lived Alexis Sablone to get SOTY but I’m starting to think that boat’s sailed.
I do see girl skaters embracing the adrenaline of big rail skating though. A sort of new age Misled Youth/Welcome to Hell era.
I hate to be negative but I also see someone getting seriously hurt trying to up thr handrail ante. BMX suffered the loss of seversl top riders to traumatic head injuries. Such an incident in skating would suck but it might also get the helmet trend going for those hell bent on gapping between rails and the such.

I also predict a big scandal breaking involving the berrics which will shut berra up for good.

Pressure flips will have a strong resurgence.

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Return of the illusion flip

Our forum friend who’s disappeared gets too annoyed by lurking and reappears in a blaze of sweary glory.


That also involves cariuma .

Fingers crossed

Predicting a proper forum meetup


That kind of happened last year with Kyle Wilson.

This year, the Queen will die. Blondey will do a 5 minute Instagram video about how much she means to him.


I predict the queen is not going to die this year. I’m saying April 2027.

Prince Andrew gets away scot free.

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