Primitive - Encore

omg omg omg omg omg omg :exclamation:

the Giovani new kid has some sickness jesus. big up Frankie, first part, two songs, when did he turn pro for primitive?

Some give six omgs, some think I might watch it later after dinner, but more than likely I’ll forget.


i’m at work and was about to start searching for something to watch to pass some time. wasn’t expecting to find anything amazing :man_shrugging: start with Frankie, end with Tiago, stuff in between. great sandwich

Ginger kid is so sick haha.

Very very good video.


Excited to watch this! Gonna save it for a skate shop viewing.

i can’t believe they just glossed over that fakie(?)/nollie(?) 270 to back nose blunt on the pyramid ledges or that backside 180 out of the 50 on that huge hand rail. Giovani is a nut

Sw back heelflip Wallenburg jesus


I think one of the most impressive things was that Miles Silvas managed to do all of those tricks even though adidas only sent him 1 pair of shoes.

Tre Williams is amazing.

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full cab back noseblunt aint it, madness !

whole thing was pretty good tbh

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Needed more Wade/JB and less Miles Silvas.

Very great skateboarding though.

Tre Williams looks like he should be skating EMB in 1990. i love it

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yeah i was hoping for more Wade and JB. Miles was great and all but i think i started losing interest halfway through his section

can we talk more about Frankie though? FRANKIE!


Yeah so good. That last one where he lands in the bank off the rail- so sick and spontaneous feeling

Somebody on Slap pointed out that Miles Silvas’ last three tricks were a switch Jamie Thomas, a switch Mark Appleyard and a switch Lindsey Robertson haha

Sounds like a decent watch.
Shall check it out in man cave hours later.

Is it me or is Trent McClung entirely forgettable - but then he turns it up at the end?

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Trent McClung has a two song part.

His brother Taylor McClung is the TM and has clips in the credits.

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New kid with red hair is taking the piss.
I was pretty impressed with what comes before him, music choices not entirely my thang, but so far, this lad is ace.

Just reached Wade.
Samples in this tune were the same track that was sampled in a Skinny man tune from his Council Estate of Mind album.
Can’t remember which track.
They were mostly written by Baby J from Derby.

Music at this point improves, for me, with the No Vaseline sample source tune, either called or done by a band called Brick, like the instrumental hip hop too.

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