Quartersnacks - Best Parts and Videos, 2010-2019

Enjoyed Cherry but didn’t like the other Supreme vid. Pretty Sweet is at the bottom of my list so it can make way for Baker 4.

Oh shit Cover Version

Voted on this last night.

Individual parts:

Dylan in ‘dylan.’
Austyn in ‘Origin’
Suciu in ‘Verso’
AVE in ‘Propeller’
Joe Gavin in ‘Cottonopolis’

Full length videos:

Isle - ‘Vase’
Habitat - ‘Origin’
Josh Stewart - ‘Static IV’
Supreme - ‘cherry’
Can’t quite remember what my 5th choice was, it might have been ‘Propeller’.

This is way too difficult to do.

My only confirmed top 5 choice is ‘Cunnies Box’.

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Does ‘Looks OK to me’ feat Bobby and Hjlate count as a part or video? That’s deffo in there.

Can’t remember more than about 3 decent parts and definitely not the name of any full lengths apart from the Supreme ones. I ended up voting for ‘.’ about 3 times. Now if the period was 96 to 2005 I’d have a bunch. I’m deffo now old and out of touch.

What about pre-meltdown MJ Pretty Sweet

So many parts to think about over the last 10 years my brain hurts

Full Videos
Stay Gold Emerica Stay Gold 2010 Skate Video - YouTube
Cover Version Blips - Cover Version - YouTube
Cherry (No links available)
Pyramid Country Exeter PYRAMID COUNTRY'S (((((EXETER))))) FULL LENGTH - YouTube
A Golden Egg 'A Golden Egg' by Jesse James and Chris Atherton - YouTube

Single parts
Verso Mark Suciu's "Verso" Part - YouTube
MJ Pretty Sweet https://vimeo.com/65348259
Reynolds Stay Gold - YouTube
Reider Cherry - YouTube
Hjalte Hjalberg Video Part Hjalte Halberg Video Part - YouTube

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Golden Egg!! can’t believe I forgot about that, I bought the full collection of DVDs off Avi.

Best parts in no order
Genesis Evan’s - life is goodie
Bob LaSalle the dime video
Ben Kadow - hockey II
Alien section transworld videographer
Grant Taylor

Best full lengths in no order
Slap OiaM 2010
Spirit Quest
In search of the miraculous
Destination unknown
Gx1000 - self titled


You’re not keen on three of the best examples of ‘less is more’ skateboarding is recent memory but rank Nyjah in his Kanye West cosplay, while edited like a Michael Bay film, as the best video part of the last decade?

Jesus wept.

Cheers for ‘dramatic push club’ though. I’m a card carrying member.


Just seen this, and I think there’s a fair bit of regency-bias in my picks because there’s just too much to choose from as everyone else has said.


Full videos:

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I wasn’t judging on outfits or editing I was just going on parts that show the progress of skateboarding through the decade.

So I guess MJ Pretty Sweet is my main omission.

Sadly you may be right - dramatic push/roll-up face might be what this decade is remembered for.

Eleventh hour
Skate sauce
Now that’s what I call skateboarding
Hill Street blues
City of rats
The important nothing
Square one
Spirit quest
Grey nights
Superdead promo
A golden egg
This Time Tomorrow
Video nasty
Mandalay express
Cover version
Ordinary madness

Top 5, you need to trim off 17

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Ok video parts:
Tiago Lemos- welcome to primitive (or any other part he’s done)
Tom penny- DC embassy
Javier Sarmiento- Sk8mafia video
Tom Asta- Es colourway part
Mark Suciu- Origin

Alright, take away the ‘outfits and editing’ and you’ve got…

Dylan: simple yet powerful tricks taken, literally, to new heights (NY bench impossible, all the picnic table stuff in ‘cherry’) and helped instigate a general cultural sway towards how things are done rather than what is being done.

Austyn: fast, loose, early pioneer of ‘wrong way in/wrong way out’ grinds. The guy was popping and properly sliding frontside noseslide 270s a good few years before everyone was slappying into them.

Crockett: ridiculous pop, raw, balances tech-gnar and has had an ‘A-List’ (for lack of a better way to put it) career from the comfort of his quaint little home town - which is certainly relative to skateboarding’s progression as a no longer California-centric culture over the last decade.

So unless you boil ‘progression’ purely down to ‘bigger = better’ Nyjah hasn’t really offered that much more than the next handrail goon.

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I’m not the biggest Nyjah fan but his fade to black part was ridiculous, it was far above what people were doing on handrails (multiple kinks, flip in/out of big rails etc) and I think it defo had a part in the progression of handrail skating to come.
You obviously have a hatred of the guy but to say that it didn’t offer much more than ‘the next handrail goon’ is plain wrong.

I don’t hate Nyjah, I just thought it was silly to say that Till Death part is the best of the past decade. And if we’re gonna talk handrail skaters, I’d argue Kyle Walker and Jamie Foy are on par with progressing that type of skating and those two are way more interesting to watch.

I’ll admit Fade to Black was more watchable than Till Death - if only for how amusing the Metallica song made it.