Quartersnacks - Best Parts and Videos, 2010-2019

Thought this was a nice idea. Vote for your fav video parts and skate videos of the last decade:

Feel free to post your choices here so we can judge you. My selection:


1.Hjalte Halberg - I Like it Here Inside My Mind
2. Brandon Westgate - Made: chpt. 1
3. Dylan Rieder - Cherry
4. Daniel Lutheran - Vans, Propeller
5. Mark Suciu - Verso


  1. Polar, I Like it Here Inside My Mind
  2. GX1000, GX1000
  3. Spirit Quest
  4. Emerica, Stay Gold
  5. Supreme, Cherry

Also, we could rig this to get Sinner’s Theatrix part to number one.


FUCK, I forgot to vote for Cover Version.

It’s a no to Dylan Rieder from me…tic tacs out, ridiculous afterbang and tail scrapes are not ok.

Apart from GX1000 and Verso I would be interested to hear how anyone could argue that the Nike SB Luan*, Shane O’Neill and Nyjah parts are not the best skateboarding footage of the 2010s.

  • I rewatched this and it’s not as good as I remember! Ok…one down.

Damn, I’m quite a nerd and watch most things but find it hard to think about 5 parts and 5 videos. So much stuff came out during this decade!
Can I go for 5 Cromer parts and 5 Worrest parts instead?

First things that come to mind are Verso, anything Gustav Tonnesen did, the Dime vid, Eleventh Hour, that JB section that came out about a couple years ago, Cover Version… The Pass-Port vid is fantastic but it’s too recent, I don’t know what I’ll think of it in 6 months or 5 years. It’s really good though. Crockett had a lot of banging sections too. Daclin’s section was inspiring. Damn, this is impossible.

My favourite skaters of the last decade are definitely Worrest, Cromer, Crockett and Tonnesen. And some others I forget because I haven’t had my first cup of tea yet.

Are you high?! He’s fucking dead dude, whatever footage he had in that video was “offcuts” his skating had a MASSIVE impact on a whole generation of skaters.

Surely if we’re going to contest who should be in that top 5 we should be looking at Lutheran*…

EDIT Didn’t immediately realise this was your choice rather than Quartersnacks @Dent_Face obviously i’m not contesting your opinion, not sure if Lutheran would make many peoples top 5 though…

Try harder with the trolling bro

Too many vids to choose from/can’t remember what came out in the past decade but some of my favs.

In search of the miraculous
Stay gold
Prevent this tragedy
Destination unknown
Bake and destroy
I like it here in my mind…
Vessel in passing
Cold war
sour solution II

There’s so many others that aren’t ‘full lengths’ that I could think of on top of those

Yeah, this was a totally personal choice and a standout in an otherwise fairly standard video. I just liked the way the song worked in it - had some of the old Greg Hunt magic to it. I don’t expect it to make the final list somehow!

Forgot about Sabotage 3 as well. Wish I had taken a little more time with this one, but you got to make some arbitrary decisions with this sort of thing.

Yeah been trying to think about this all morning but made me realised how the barrage of content in the past 10 years has totally fried my brain

This was useful to help remember things: SkateVideoSite

Cannot believe this came out in 2010.

Never been a Dylan Rieder fan, not my thing. I’m not into any of the skaters in the dramatic push club - Austyn Gillette, Gilbert Crockett - it’s just not for me.

  1. Nyjah - Nike SB Till Death
  2. Shane O’Neill - Nike SB Levels
  3. Mark Suciu - Verso
  4. Evan Smith - War and Peace
  5. Ishod Wair - Since Day One

Some more that haven’t been mentioned off the top of my head…

Pretty Sweet
Over Vert

Edit: Don’t why that replied to you HH? I didn’t mean too.

Yeah after having a think vid wise I’d probabaly say

917 vid (First one)
GX1000 Roll Up
Bronze Solo Jazz
Sour Solution

Don’t think I could ever settle on 5 parts

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There’s no fucking way I can do this. Too much content.

Stay Gold
Supreme Cherry
Polar - I like it here…
Pretty Sweet

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I’ll use peoples lists to fill up my YouTube Watch Later pile instead.

Stay Gold
Supreme Cherry
Polar - I like it here…
Pretty Sweet

Good list but minus Pretty Sweet, maybe the other Supreme vid too instead. Or something from Dime