Retro skating

I’m over 50 and I’m on a few Facebook groups for older skaters, but these past couple of years I’ve noticed a massive influx of what you might call ‘skateboard re-enactment enthusiasts.’ Their big thing seems to be boards and kit from the 1980s. As if all the years since then haven’t happened. What’s going on here?


They can probably now afford the boards they had as a kid, reliving the good old days! Or recreating their dream set up or an old one etc

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Brain goes straight to this :rofl:



This seems to be the way IME :slight_smile:

They probably read the midlife skaters articles in the guardian whilst having their coffee and breakfast on a Sunday and jumped on the bandwagon

For example…

Calling putting together a skateboard a ‘build’ is pretty comical


Do they have to go home when the street lights come on?


Hahahaha. ‘New build’.

It’s not a PC or a wardrobe.


Same, lots of guys I used to skate with have their fave 80s boards as wall hangers.

I do exactly the same tbh just with 91/92 shapes and occasionally still have a feeble roll around which makes me way superior, obviously

Unless you have NOS trucks and wheels (probably next to none to exist) you can’t even build up and old board to how it used to be.

Also, you wouldn’t skate it.

If you’re going to appreciate old boards they should stay on the wall.

Arg, pristine indies, someone save that board, there should be a rescue centre for boards like this

I like old boards, but prefer them when they are knackered through skating. The re-issue thing is a great way of making money, but pretty pointless. But, I do Iike to see what people can actually do on these things.

Any excuse to post this:

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That’s nerdy as fuck, basically model building. Horses for courses I guess.

I thought you meant stuff like this guy:

Ha ha.

Yep - this is big in the ‘I used to skate in the 80s then quit then returned’ circles. 1980s cos-play or LARP I suppose.
Joking aside it does make sense that people will gravitate to the era they feel most comfortable in.
As a 50 year old myself though - there’s no way I want to go back to big unwieldy shit boards like I grew up skating.

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Username checks out.


Skateboarding, cosplay, LARPing…

A fine sunday.


“Tonight Mathew, I’m going to be…Salba”


I (49) have a re-issue Vision Gonz that I have the occasional play on.

Definitely wouldn’t want to use it as my everyday* setup as it’s big, heavy and feels like riding a slightly convex ironing board and I need all the help I can get.

(*everymonth if lucky atm)


This is how I imagine Brad Dorfman after Vision crashed out in the 90s

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