Reynolds off emerica


Was wondering when they’d announce. Huge change for them but also I wonder how easily Reynolds will be able to make an impact on Vans at this stage in his career.

Still, as long as he keeps putting out footage, he can wear what he wants on his feet #crocs

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Inevitable I guess.

Not sure what I think about it though to be honest.

Feels strange because of the length of time with Emerica.
They also had a good partnership what with the shoes he had with them, certainly from an outsiders / consumer point of view.
Vans have so many riders, I just hope he doesn’t get lost amongst them.
With less riders on Emerica, he always held a high profile.

He’s Andrew fucking Reynolds. The Boss.
Is the amount of quality footage TNT, Dollin and Eli Berle put out gonna make his skating seem mediocre? I don’t think so.

Am I the only one who has zero interest in Vans?


I don’t really see how much of an impact he’ll make for Vans either, I’d love to be proven wrong but I reckon it’ll be like Koston getting on Nike; a little bit of initial hype, a few shoes but nothing like his peak days. Not sure how you could expect much more.

Nope, they came up with one half descent shoe design in 1966. A half descent shoe design for a boating deck shoe, incase that wasn’t clear.

This has more to do with his age than Vans. And I’m sure he skates more every day than Koston does in a week. Or month.


I think you get my point.

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Not saying there’s anything wrong with it from either side, I’m just not hugely hyped based on the experience of older pros making this kind of switch. Dare I mention MJ :man_facepalming:

It’s rare that any skateboard brands, especially footwear companies, say anything about people leaving. It seems an Instagram post like this is an honourable discharge by 2019’s standards. Emerica did the same for Westgate too. Reynolds departure is incomparable to the MJ fiasco.


Some people like Janoski, MJ or Koston apparently stop skating the minute they start getting that sportswear brand money but we all know that Reynolds is a total skate rat and that he’ll keep on skating every day no matter who he is sponsored by.

MJ leaving Emerica or Lakai?
There has to be a certain life expectency on earning a wage from selling product to not have to put in so much effort while earning a good amount of money guaranteed, not just from what your product cut would be.
The three majors in this are Adidas (awaits criticism for capital A), Nike and Vans.

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I was thinking of when he left Lakai, adidas got someone waaaaay past his peak and no longer even a respected name and Koston has got more from Nike than he’s given them in my view.

I don’t really see what’s in it for these big players acquiring legends as there’s a good chance they’ll stop producing. The exact opposite would be when P-Rod went to Nike.

Has he actually given them anything?

His name. It’s either worth more to them than what they’re paying him, OR it’s worth what they’re paying him to keep him away from the competition. Knowing Koston, Nike is literally the only company he would entertain leaving Lakai for, and I’m sure the shoes he designs sell really well.

This is probably a “woosh” reply, but there we go.

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Well they stopped making his second and third shoes pretty quick, and those huarache ones were put sale by everyone that sold them so not even sure that’s true myself.

On another note I’ve enjoyed the classy posts from Emerica and the man himself, good to see.

Fingers crossed he’s more Rowley/AVE and less Dill in terms of putting out footage in Vans

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Hyped he stayed on this long tbh, must have had offers thrown at him by some of the big brands for years…

I’ve had a load of Reynolds 3’s, such a great shoe.

On a side note, went along with a mate when he was buying shoes once, he wanted to go to Route One, I suggested the emerica’s and a kid working in there chirped in and said:
“Everyone knows emerica don’t make shoes as good as they used to, they just fall apart, I’d say you should get some Converse, they’re just so made so much better.” Is this a thing?! I’ve never had any problems with emerica’s, wondering how Converse have managed to swoop in and convince people they’re great?