Reynolds off emerica

I think it depends on what type of shoe, I wouldn’t fancy a vulc Emerica but their cup soles are still really good. Everyone who has had the Reynolds G6 has been pleased with them from what I’ve heard.

Never actually skated a Reynolds shoe but I might pick a few up now they’re all on sale.

Best Emerica shoe I ever had was the Heretic/Hsu 2/the past 4 pairs of the Wino

Worst was the Romero laced, just didn’t feel right

Would pick Emerica over Cons any day

I’ve got a pair of the G6 at the minute and they are blooming fantastic!

I like emericas, but the last pair I bought (Reynolds Vulc lows I think they’re called) fell apart really quick - and I didn’t even skate in them.

The original Reynolds was a great skate shoe, I had this colour:


Lasted ages, skated well, lovely gum sole, lovely stuff.


I don’t really care but my 2c, makes Reynolds seem a bit mercenary, makes Vans look a bit poachy

It would be interesting to see where where MJ, Daewon or Marinaro are in the payment/wage level, compared to an average Premier League player in a middle table club when it comes to Nike and adidas.

Interesting choice!

He’s going to feel it front side flipping down stairs in them.


It’ll be interesting to see what he chooses to actually skate in as non of his pro models have been particularly thin and he’s always seemed quite involved in the shoe process

Good point actually, hadn’t really thought of it from that angle, I’m sure he could add a lot to the design process.

Oh yes, we all saw millions of people skating these:


I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s never any ‘Reynolds on Vans’ announcement, instead he just gets quietly hooked up with shoes in the background and doesn’t have an official team position much like Jerry

He designed those Reynolds Cruisers about 10 years ago and these were pretty much Vans Eras.

I think Vans are working on a high top version of the Crockett 2, I could see him skating in that.

those were an absolute abomination but i saw alot of his first and second shoe.

maybe its the chav in me but always kinda liked the kostons with the airmax inspo.

Had the second ones in white and gum… Bootiful. Second model had no air bubble.

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Koston 1 & 2 for Nike were OK.
Had a few pairs of each.
Still got a dark brown pair of 2’s somewhere.

I mean, besides the weird sock bit, I like them! And even though it’s minging, the sock has merit in that it’s taking technology from other sports’ footwear and applying it to a skate shoe. Maybe misguided in this case but I think that’s something that’s always worth doing if you’re in the position that Koston is, obviously getting a reasonably free reign with his designing pencils.

Those shoes are bad and he should feel bad


Skateboarding is not a sport.