RIP Bruce the OX Kelliher

Just seen on High Rollers insta he’s gone. The guy was a straight ledge apologies if this is being discussed in other threads. RIP

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no fucking way

Just heard the awful news from Leo Sharp.
A truly lovely individual and an awesome skateboarder and surfer.
Will post some more after work.
Rest in peace

Only met him a couple of times but instantly warm and friendly, brought you right into the session and gave it all his energy. Will leave a big space behind.

RIP. Sad news.

RIP Bruce, you were the best one of us.

Sending our collective strength and resiliance to his family.


Cool newspaper article about Bruce from a few years ago.


I was hoping we would see his footage on this thread. Thanks Ciaran

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These 3 were an awesome combination - Rich Gilligan behind the camera, Jay Doherty and Bruce himself on an old mini in house at the time in Killarney, some time around 2010.


Oh man, that’s so sad. RIP.


Tragic news. RIP.

Horrible news. RIP.

oh man, RIP

RIP, lovely bloke.

RIP. always loved that Bridge photo

Rad human.
Totally driven and positive.
RIP the Ox.


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It was Bruce that thought he invented rock fakies right?


Haha, yes, that’s him. GOAT.

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Absolute boss. Think he came to an ISPO years ago. Just got up and started skating the ramp. It was terrifying and amazing at the same time