RIP Bruce the OX Kelliher


The Sidewalk interview with the insane drop in always stood out.


Came here to post the above so I will anyway

Myself, Leo and Bruce got up at 5am to shoot this as the drop in was next door to Dublin’s main police station (iirc).
He did it first try and then threw his board into the road and got ready to go to work.

Truly lovely human being.
Rest in peace Bruce.

Footage below.


Wasn’t he a very good basketball player?

Yep he was very good at basketball


I was trying to explain Bruce to my wife but he really was one that needed to be witnessed. I could only describe him as a legendary figure, not in the sense like ‘my mate Dave down the park’s a legend’ but like a piece of folklore, you would hear stories about him from all over the country and never be quite sure where he was or when he would appear and then suddenly he would just be in the middle of it.


Gutted to hear this news Bruce was always one of my faves. Had the pleasure of skating with him a couple of times.



The Ox, Jimmy Boyes, Felix, Franklin Stephens…
Skateboarding is lucky to have a few. I’m sure there are others.

Maybe it attracts them? I dunno…but we are definitely better for having them around.


Don’t know Bruce but he obviously made an impact. Doesn’t sound too old either. RIP.


Definitely one of the first names that comes to mind for Irish legends. RIP, so sad to hear :heart:


That’s him slamming into BEAR on the crazy drop in.
Straight edge lunatic down to travel to events anywhere.

Playing basketball in the end, I was there with him. Great to see the impact he had on so many people


RIP. His forearm/hand stand photo needs adding to the internet. Might have been in Document? Classic.

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Only met him at the Liverpool NOTLD events (2 and 3 iirc), but he just had such a good energy about him and was as friendly and as welcoming as anyone I ever met.

The first time I met him was on the way to night of the living dead 2 in Liverpool. Had just moved up to Sheffield for uni and on a whim headed over by myself (because doing things alone is better than not doing them) without much of a plan, no knowledge of Liverpool, didn’t even know where Rampworx was and planned to hope for the best and to see what would eventuate.

I arrived at the train station in Liverpool around 2pm and realised I might have overestimated my winging it abilities. After about two minutes of being quite overwhelmed, a couple of skaters appeared in front of me and asked in Irish accents if I knew the way to Quiggin’s as they needed to meet their friend Bruce there.

I must have given a pretty confused and/or blank expression as my ears and Irish accents do not mix all that well and I’m shit at directions even if know the answer. Anyhow, we got chatting and made some introductions (Jer Evans and Joey Lynch) and I shared that I had no plans. They immediately took me under their wing and invited me along to Quiggins with them, assuming we could find it.

We of course did find it and met up with Bruce. He and their whole group were amazingly welcoming and we spent the afternoon drinking beers in a bar near Lost Art before heading off to Rampworx. As a complete random nobody, he took the time to chat to me and what could have been a pretty disastrous adventure turned into an amazing night, all thanks to the hospitality of 3 people and their friends.

Anyhow, bit of a ramble, but I am sad to hear of his passing and felt like sharing as it’s a memory I’ve looked back on fondly many times that he was a key part of.

RIP Bruce.


Link to Bruce’s condolences book here if people want to add something.


Goblin magazine are running a Gofundme to help with funeral costs.

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Some proper heartfelt tributes from the last couple of days for Bruce -


I don’t think I’d really ever seen any footage of Bruce till this week, but the photos he has had over the years really stood out to me. You could feel his power, creativity and individuality through the page.


I only met Bruce once but the encounter has stayed with me to this day. He arrived down to a mini ramp myself and my friends had spent the summer building and from the outset showed a real interest in us and was so stoked on any skating we did. He absolutely shredded the ramp and had a big slam which resulted in him sliding on his back into a big pool of rain water in the middle. No bother to him, he got up, dusted himself off and landed a big lipslide absolutely soaking wet. Very sad to hear of his passing. He was a true legend and an absolute gentleman.


Kerry focused skate video with a short part shot recently from Bruce around the 7min mark.


A collection of a few instagram obituaries from Bruce’s sisters, parents and friends-