Rocco returns


Fucker killed Sidewalk mag to take the name didn’t he. This makes sense now.


Sidewalk Distribution is Steve Douglas, and he did speak to Ben and Horsley about it before announcing it. Where do you think @anonymity’s Ferrari came from?


I thought it was the cariuma money


With that stable of brands I think this goal may take a bit longer than he envisages


“I’m back boys! Fire up the heat press. We’ll run through a bunch of napping (editing the word out) boards and put our feet up for the rest of the day. Easy money!”

“Well, we’re not quite sure about running with those sort of graphics anymore steve…”

“Ok, ok forget business, we need to reintroduce me to the game with some team bonding. Round up the teenagers- I’ve got a wad of bills and a strip club in mind!”

“Steve, please. We don’t operate like that now”

“Ok. Maybe I’m out the loop but bear with me, I’ve got a brother with some great ideas for a board brand”


Yep, it’s like Roy Chubby Brown taking over Live at the Apollo.

Well, it’s not I know, but you get the joke, as poor as it is.


You may be surprised.

Finally, a young upstart looking to shake up the industry


Do teenagers even ride for companies these days?

Feel like this will be one of those times where you realise that it wasn’t just the person that made the thing a success

It does seem a bit over dramatic for some re-issues. Look forward to seeing what comes out tho

I obviously love that era but the way he reacted with the whole Bitch thing with his brother after the Girl exodus kind of showed why it was happening in the first place. Those boards were so so grim, and then Wet Willy etc is funny when you look back on it ironically but it was all a bit shite really.

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So it’s just a reissue deal then? He’s not going to be actually contributing to the running of one of the companies?

Maybe re-issue is over simplifying it but seems like they bringing back things in some way rather than naming a new company

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Yeah, it’s not reissues, and it’s not called World Industries.

But not a new company in the traditional sense either? Ooh the intrigue

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I guess Malibu retirement life is very boring?

I would love this to mean that skateboarding is about to get a kick in the pants but, let’s be honest, if it’s down to zombie Rocco, (aged 64), to bring the shake up then things are in pretty bad shape. It could be fun for a bit though.


He’s probably run out of cash :slight_smile:

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Could give EDGLRD a run for it’s money