S.K.A.T.E app

At the moment I have a project I need to do for graphics so I chose to do something related to skateboarding since its one of my favorite things to do even if I can only do an ollie. I am designing an app but I am only showing what the screen would look like. I need some help on what I should do. I have based my app on the game of S.K.A.T.E since I think the game is not brought up that much. No, I’m not talking about the game you play on PlayStation I am talking about the game where you perform a trick. I am thinking about making the app like social media for skateboarders all around the world. the whole point of this app is so that you can 1v1 people from all over the world and people get to rate the trick on how good it was. so I was wondering if I can have some feedback on this app.

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I remember years ago, some pro skaters (possible Mike V) tried to launch a sort of Myspace/Facebook for skateboarders. Needless to say, it didn’t really work.

I think if you had an idea like this, the social function should be secondary to another primary aim. Perhaps its a spot book, sort of like Google maps but for skate spots and the social aspect came from adding friends or leaving comments? (I had that idea years ago and if i could code i probably should have made it)

I am doing it for a project but I am not actually making an app I am just showing what the screen would look like.

Sorry I do not understand what you mean by sheltered world I live in.

ABD. Really, really well.

It’s got the real spots, they worked with skateboarders to make it and there’s all the brand tie-in stuff there too.

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Yep I understand, its just a school project. But you could push it a little bit more and present more than just one screen. Otherwise it’s just a flat image with no context. But in the real world, if you were creating an app, you would mock-up multiple screens to show as much of the functionality of the app as possible. Maybe push the boat out a little.

I will be mocking up loads of screens but first I need to try to find the best colour for the app. I have been looking at skateboards and the graphics they use so I am thinking about doing something like that as the background.

Yeah, nice. Skateboards do have graphics, and they’re all really good. So something along those lines would work.

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Mauve is great for skateboarding, loads of significant links to mauve in skate history. Try that.

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What am I giving feedback on? I don’t see anything.

Do I have to imagine something and then feedback?

Just give feedback on what I spoke about earlier.

In all honesty the feedback i’d give is to not bother us with this, we’re just going to take the piss and you will not get anything of value.

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