I understand your position but Greggs sustained many a broke skater with Pound deals over the years.
For that they must be accepted.

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Remember when Dustin Dollin spread nutella and crisps on a slice of ham in Baker 4?

1:29 for sandwich muck


Nah man I love mixing beige foods!

I’ve loads more combos but I’m not sure the forum is ready for them.

NEIL: Oh, just a bag of crisps please, Vyv. But, not meat flavored. Because I don’t abuse my body in the world I live in.

VYVYAN: [to bartender] Okay, I want a pint of water in a straight glass, a bag of roast ox crisps, and mine’s a babysham!

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also, lol

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Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference beef and caramelized onion sandwich is my new favourite supermarket sandwich.

One of my unfortunate long-covid side effects is that branstone pickle now tastes of perfume. Not good.

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Oh shit

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Another of my fav home sarnies.
Very soft, very rich and very tasty.

Butter fried prawns.
Couple of medium boilers.
Heavily buttered bread.
Mayo and ketchup.


Jesus Harold Christ. Do you actually plan these? Is this intentional or a cry for help?


I just like mixing foods I like to see whether they taste nice.

It’s not just sandwiches, I enjoy mixing all foods.

Not all work but all are worth a pop!

That’s awful, you rule


Iv seen these for years, it’s grotesque but beautiful. Baines always has some funny comments.

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I second Snurp here.

It’s basically a prawn cocktail wrapped in white bread with lurpak chucked in it. Simultaneously very 80’s and very WW2 ration philosophy. Is it art? I’d say yes.


That looks horrible even by English standards.


This is extremely avant garde. You’re not only deconstructing the ingredients of a prawn Mayo, but also the idea of a prawn Mayo.


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What is a medium boiler? A potato?

I presumed egg?

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The state of his sandwiches its a fair question

I was looking at the made sandwich. Top picture says it’s an egg.

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