Couldn’t find a thread about shoes…??? Feel free to delete this if I fucked up, I’m not used to the new forum at all.

Anyway, have any of you skated the Vans Kyle Walkers? Are they bulkier than the Crocketts? How about board feel? I love Crocketts but already had 7 or 8 pairs and wouldn’t mind trying something different for a change. Ta!

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How the fuck do you go through that many pairs, I’m on one pair every 2 years. I don’t even get ollie holes any more

Because he buys Vans?

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Has anyone skated these adidas that look like they’ve got a sad old bit of Bernard Matthews Turkey Ham on the ollie area? I’ve got intention of buying them myself, just curious to know if it’s actually worth its salt being there. With it looking all translucent in the pictures it looks like it’d be too little rubber to actually make a difference.

They look like they’d actually be really good. Brands have always got to bring something new to the table (even if there’s fuck all). At least the adi’s have a definite ‘look’. Am sure they’d skate good, all the other adi’s I’ve skated have been amazing. That patch looks super sticky. Reminds me of back in the day going to Woolworths, re-soleing skate shoes and using leftover rubber glue to fix up the ollie/toe wear patch.

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I actually really like the look other than that extra panel; a kind of sporty aesthetic that goes all the way through the newer shoes in their line. Gives the brand a really strong Euro-centric feel.

Know about 4-5 people who’ve skated them and they all love them, not into how they look myself but heard they skate really well and are durable

Because I skate.

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More new crap by the looks of it.

Serious here,

Since nearly 1 in 3 people in public are wearing vans old skools, does nobody get put off wearing vans?


i bought some chima 2’s and sold them, they were too heavy for me but that also played a part i must admit

Good question. I don’t care to be honest, I wore Vans before this current trend and I’ll wear them after it. I did think about this though and wondered why it didn’t bother me much. Maybe I’m just getting older and care less about what people do. Trends are temporary, skateboarding is timeless and eternal in my eyes and Old Skools are part of skateboarding.

For me personally, it’s more to the fact that Vans must be booming if everyone here can go into their local town or city and see 50 pairs of old skools in an hour and I feel they could do more for real skateboarding like not booting Powley.

I guess the popularity has put me off, same way the janoski in public craze. Guess that’s still my skate rat head of “skateboarding is ours” mentality.

Il grow up one day and buy some Gucci trainers or Yeezys

Too right. I see people wearing them at work wearing them (40 year old landscape architects), cranked up to the max. The ones sold in JD sport must be of a much lesser quality than the pro versions because they look like glorified socks.

Still £60 a go too.

The pro ones skate too good to put me off wearing them

(Strictly for skating though never chilling)

I’m surprised the chucka boot never really made a come back. I suppose the Chima is a bit like a low version though.

Chukkas don’t look as good with leggings and a SuperDry top.

Picked up some Chukkas in TKMaxx about four or five years ago, they were a pro colourway for some guy I’d never heard of. When I googled him it turned out he was a pro surfer, I could only find 6 or 7 photos of him on the internet and he was barefoot in every single one. To this day I’m not convinced that he knew he ever had a shoe out

Chukkas are hideously wide on the toe and skate so bad.