Yep they’re awful, these were paper-thin too, real foot killers

Yeah I had some and if the wheel nut hit the top of your foot it was worse than a shinner.

Chukkas had a bit of a comeback around 2012ish right?

I had some highs that there was no way you could skate in and some lows that skated pretty well from memory.

Yeah they released the Chukka low with a load of pro colourways etc.

Was such a great shoe had like 4-5 pairs at least

Don’t know if I’m high or not, but has anyone skated the DC Legacy 98 Slims - I think I want a pair.

Shall await a black version.

Why are they making all their new shoes look like upside down soup bowls, in the toes?

I miss Adio

I’ve got a pair of those in grey. They’re unusually soft and comfortable to wear but it’s too soon to say whether the uppers stand up to repeated kneeslides. I tend to find that PU-reinforced suede lasts longer and resists abrasion better than plain suede. Vans in general wear out in a matter of weeks, although I also have a pair of the Utrarange Pro model on the go at the moment and they are holding out better than most of their shoes.

Is that one of those mental metal boards, looks well jazzy

That one is carbon, made by a company called Revolution. They don’t make them now. But Powell do carbon and wood decks now, and Austrian board maker Kape do carbon and wood with a slick base

Probably a reason they don’t.


Hmm. Cheers.

They look like a Yeezy bubbling over a vulc sole from the side.

State of that sole…adidas keep trying to do something unique with soles and just blowing it every time

It looks like a defect that they couldn’t be bothered to fix.

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I used to just shoegoo my shoes back in the day thst ended up looking a lot like those adidas

How adidas are managing to make stinking shoes when all their originals and classic designs are untouchable is pretty funny. Just make another superstar skate please

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To be fair most of the classics range was designed well before the 1990s, which was over 30 years ago. Can’t blame people for wanting a more up to date looking shoe. But in most cases I agree, the classics do look great, but is that because you’re more familiar and comfortable with that look?

Vans pretty much get away with having classics and re-workings of classics or sticking a rubber toe on a classic.