They look a bit special needs.

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where do you draw the line between rip off and homage?
over to you quentin.

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Who cares, they all look like granny slippers. Even the original Dillion’s

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you got it wrong and then kept getting it wronger.


I think having one in that oxblood colour just like the Dylan’s gives the game away here.

Dylan’s shoe was a rip off of most slip on dress shoes though too, where does the line get crossed?

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Dylan’s was the first dress shoe for skating in, so anybody else making a dress shoe for skating in (that looks almost the same) gets called out, I guess.

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The vans shoe is an ERA slip on. So same shoe they already produce just without lace loops. I can clearly see the the likeness to the Dylan shoe, but is it not just vans releasing another new without large tooling costs etc

nah, its an authentic.
era has the padding around the top.

Yeah, it’s an Authentic, I just think those two colourways next to each other are what pushes it over the edge of suspicion here.

just spent way too long looking at the origins of that there shoe design.
its basically a laceless oxford.
dates back to the late 1800s.
also known as the balmoral or granny slippers.

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You’re describing the Last Resort shoes, right?


No the really boring brown emericas.

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Will grab a pair of those last resorts later.

I don’t see how they’re boring if we’re comparing them to the Last Resort shoes.
The Emerica shoes have more going on in the right places, and a decent insole!

I checked out those Last Resort shoes last time I was in Decimal, definite hard pass from me.
Sorry @neddy, I know you’re going to read this and hate me for it.

They’re brown and literally the most basic template of shoe.

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Mate those Emericas are bone.

Last Resort for the win, but I have hard on for Pontoon.

Show me the last resorts.

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