Am I looking at the right thing? Those Rone things look like a cross between a Max 98 and some mid-00s éS, but ends up looking like a Skecher. The sort of thing you’d end up seeing one of in TK Maxx because some toddler’s ran off with the other one.

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I like what he’s doing. Rad that he’s doing it, and it seems to be working. Personally, I’m not too much of a fan of throwbacks, plus these are waaay out of my budget.

He said he wanted his new shoes to be affordable to skateboarders in his Nine Club interview.

Yeah, a $500 Airwalk Prototype definitely helps keep kids rollin’:

And this seems to be some Centaur-like mutation of a AF1 toe and the reissued Duffs KCK with the lace loops glued down:

i still reckon a good majority of high end fashion is some inside joke of irony by making shoes that look like the kind of mid 2000s department store monstrosities you’d get bullied for wearing


“Kids, did anyone pray for giant shoes?”

Interesting footwear choice from Gino here! The basic indoor football trainers are one thing but these are taking it too far.

Can’t even see what he’s wearing. Great tune tho

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can you explain what hes wearing please.

Massive puke.

I’m all for those. Not for myself, but glad to see a Vans ‘collaboration’ where the other company actually does something beyond send some logos to be slapped on canvas or taping.

Tan sk8 Hi’s look pretty good

I got some sk8-hi’s in pretty much that same colour (but without the Westwood stuff on them, obvs) at a Vans outlet store last year and I can’t wear them because if I look down they look like Action Man’s feet at the end of my jeans


Would look good with this.

Is it bad that my first thought would be ‘oof’ someone’s wearing a Tim Westwood x Vans collab?

Outside Darlington, probably.

Cool, you just have to check sometimes.

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For anyone interested:

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Check out the Parade online skate shop