Women’s specific outdoor gear has been a thing for years. For instance, backpacks and hike boots fit differently on women and consequently companies manufacturing decent quality equipment have been making product with that in the forefront of its design for decades.

You might think that boots would just need to be shorter in length but women’s calves continue down the leg to closer to the ankle than men’s do. They also, more often than not, have a higher arch, wider forefoot and narrower heel than men. As a result, to have boots fit correctly and comfortably, women’s boots are designed to fit these anatomical characteristics. Same deal with backpacks - narrower shoulders, a shorter upper body, wider hips and lower centre of gravity in women than men mean that backpacks fit differently and are built with this in mind.

Nike did this with a Womens specific football boot called the Phantom Luna too


Black is nice. That sole is a gravel magnet!

They’re better than both Ishod shoes.

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Looks like these are coming back again.


Fucking rad , will be stocking up especially as they’re the OG etnies version . Best skate shoes


Again? I loved them even though the stitching on that ollie area rubbed my little toe like buggery.
That’s why I went to accels when they came out and never looked back since. I did really like the Sal boots though and have some reissue ones in white.

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This is the first time that they are being done ‘properly’, with Sal involved and built in the same way as the original.
Reissues to date have had different toe boxes, soles, etc.


Had a pair back in 2005 or so. They were great, always liked filming in them as the sole didn’t screech when I’d try to slow myself down shooting a line.
Bought another pair of rereleases in 2017, didn’t fit right for some reason.

Not bad in my opinion I’d give a pair a shot this time around

Just seen a black gum pair looking real good

Those are one of the best shoes to skate in, very good feel and comfort

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That’s good to hear I plan on picking up a few this time around

Wrong FC OG not classic

I prefer the classic

Ewwwwwwwww. Strictly OG. Classic got a proper 6.0 vibe

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Any recommendations on some plain white chillers? I’ve been rocking Stan Smith Vulcs solidly for a few years now but looks like they’ve stopped making them. Was thinking New Balance 22s might be worth a look.

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I bet OG FCs are not as nice as you remember


I like the NBs, they are very wide fit which I’m into. White ones look a bit odd to me though can’t put my finger on exactly why. My current white vulc of choice is the Last Resort Milic/Mango shoe in white.

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Yeah same, the square toe looked different at first but once I started wearing NB on the regs I was sold. Wide foot wankers ftw.


You’re right, It feels like there’s loads of space, even though my toe is close to the front. They also feel at least a half size too big - I bought my regular size, which is annoying.

They look good on foot though, I like the seam and the suede feels quite nice. Sole feels a bit slippy tho.

Haven’t skated in them yet, so jury is still out